Q&A: What Headlight Restoration Kit Works Best?

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

All kits can restore headlights and all of them are easy to use, however, the outcome still vary depending on the user skill level, tools, and materials included in the kit.

The user can either be a beginner, experienced, or a professional car detailer. If you are a beginner, you can restore headlights easily however the outcome may not be as clear and as shiny as that which is restored by a professional or someone who is experienced. The good thing about these headlight restoration kits is that it is so easy to get used to and after a few tries, you can already consider yourself an expert. Keep in mind though that the outcome also depends on how much effort you exert in performing the restoration process.

Although most kits already include the basic tools to perform the restoration process by hand like sand paper, buffing pads and microfiber towel, these tools still do not compare with electric power drills. Power drills provide consistent power and motion in remove scratches and applying the polishing compound evenly.

The difference among headlight kits aside from their brand names are the materials that are included in the kit. Most kits usually include the buffing pad, polishing compound, and sealant or clear coat or wax. While other kits include additional stuff like sand paper, microfiber towel, lubricant, and even a bottle spray. Some of these materials may already be available in your house so it is best to find a kit that includes only the materials you need.

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