5 Best Automatic Hair Curlers for 2024

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Who doesn't get tired of the same hairdo every day, same straight hair that does not have any shape? We all want to wear a different kind of look once in a while and look more like a princess. Going to a special occasion? A party? A meet up with a special someone? Going to work? Changing your hairstyle can make a big difference and just by having a proper curler, you could make different kinds of free-flowing look. You could give your hair some style and shape.

Problem is, it is in fact very difficult to curl your own hair or another person's hair. But if you have an automatic hair curler, you would be surprised. Most people spend dollars to have someone curl their hair but just by buying an automatic curling iron, you can save a lot of dollars and you could do it as much as you can, anytime you want.

So to make beautiful, shiny curls - wavy, loose, or tight curls - read further below and check out our selection of only the best curling wands and how they work. You won't believe how affordable they are

Automatic curlers types

  1. spinner type of curl machine
  2. curlers with ceramic curl chambers.

Design and features

They come in a small, lightweight, sturdy, and ergonomic design that is easy to operate. You could save time and energy without risk of getting your hair pulled or burnt.

Some of the features that we like the most are guiding features, steam option, revolving cord, great LED indicator or LCD display, travel-friendly features, and the ability to let the curler go on "Auto mode" or you could select a temperature, time, and direction of the curl. The best thing is that YouTube videos and detailed manual instructions are available for you to read or watch. It will tell you which time, heat, and direction of curl you should select to create wavy, loose, and tight curls.

Another favourite is their safety features. At the price you pay, you could already get a unit that has an auto shut off feature, sleep mode, auto stops or reverses if it senses a problem to avoid pulling your hair, and a motion sensor that makes the unit instantly heat up when you pick it up. Additionally, some of these even come with additional accessories like case, pouch, clips, and more.

Best Curl Machines

Product Our Rating
Salon Tech Spinstyle
Salon Tech Spinstyle Pro Automatic Curling Iron Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl Steamtech Professional Curl Machine Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
Kiss Products Instawave
Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
Natalie Styx Automatic
Natalie Styx Automatic Curling Iron Professional Ceramic Wand Curl Machine Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
xtava Black Magic
xtava Black Magic Curl Machine Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE

Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler - Extremely popular and a best seller

We've got two spinners in our list and this one is the most affordable yet effective curler. Several bloggers have raved about how much they love this curler. It is made of diamond ceramic ionic technology with instant heat up, heat control, and auto-shut off feature. It has several other useful features and to know how it works, click here.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl Steamtech Professional Curl Machine - Truly fully automatic with

One of the three curlers we have on this list that works through a ceramic curl chamber where the hair goes in and the chamber does the curling for you. It is powered by a MaxLife PRO Brushless motor technology that does several things to make curling easier for you and basically making this tool truly fully automatic. Just to name a few, it has a beeping feature, auto shut-off, sleep mode, and steam option. It can also automatically stop and reverse to prevent your hair from getting tangled or stuck in the chamber, thus making this unit pain-free and burn-free. Finally, what is most unique about this unit that we can't find anywhere else is its motion sensor feature. Once you pick it up, the curler senses it and instantly heats up.

Salon Tech Spinstyle Pro Automatic Curling Iron - Simple and affordable yet effective

The second spinner in our list. It is made of ceramic technology to keep your hair safe and healthy and it also wrapped up with the diamond coating so the unit stays sturdy. It has a 9 feet cord, LED light, heats up fast, has a heat control, can choose a curl direction, and beeps when it is time to release the curl. Because of these features, you can curl your hair safely and effortlessly and you can do this even on hair extensions.

Natalie Styx Automatic Curling Iron Professional Ceramic Wand Curl Machine - Creates beautiful curls

This is the most inexpensive curler with a ceramic chamber in our list. What is so unique about this unit is that it has a steam spray function. It is travel friendly as it is dual voltage and comes with a glove, travel pouch, clips, and dropper. Although the unit is automatic, you could still choose your preferred time, temperature, and direction settings depending on what type of curl you want to have. It also has a revolving cord and an auto shut-off feature - two of the most commonly important features that a curler has to have.

xtava Black Magic Curl Machine - Modernized look and absolutely travel friendly.

This unit has the most modernized look among all the curler on our list. One look at the casing and even the packaging and you know you have the best curler in the market. Out of all the curlers in the market, we gave this one a 5 of 5-star rating because we know you'll love this curler, too. This unit is also the most lightweight so you can move it around your head for a long time without hurting your arm or hand. In our opinion, we think that this unit is the most travel-friendly. It is dual voltage and has a unique heat-resistant travel case. It also unwinds automatically if it senses a problem to ensure that it won't damage your hair. It has several features and to learn more, click here.

To sum up, getting an automatic hair curler is not far fetched. It is now the thing these days. In the past, we would need to go to a salon to get our hair curled. But now, we could use an automatic hair curler to curl our own hair like a pro effortlessly without getting ourselves burned and without wasting time and money. Furthermore, we could curl our hair the way we want without hair spray while we keep our hair healthy. Most of all, you could style your hair the way you want, wherever and whenever you want. You could get naturally looking curls.

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