Car Wash Near Me

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Types of car wash

If you'd rather go to a car wash, here are the types of car wash you should know and what you should expect.

Self-service car wash

This method allows you to wash your car at a self-service car wash. They have a machine that is either coin, token or credit card operated with four basic functions to choose from: wash, foam, rinse and wax. To perform these functions, you'll need to use the pressure washer provided near the machine. The amount of time you can use the car wash depends on how much coin or token you use. We highly recommend bringing your own mitt, wheel brush and drying towel. A car wash may provide these tools but they are usually not safe to use because they may have been used recently by another car owner.

Automatic tunnel car wash

There are three types of automatic tunnel car washes as far as I know. They are a drive-thru car wash, belt conveyor car wash, and touchless in-bay automatic car wash. Drive-thru car wash requires you to drive the car in, thru and out of the car wash. Belt conveyor car wash allows you to put the car on a conveyor belt so you don't need to drive through the tunnel. Both Drive-thru and Belt-conveyor car wash can either be touchless or not. Basically, touchless in-bay automatic car wash only uses chemicals, high water pressure and sometimes an air dryer. Most people nowadays like touchless car wash because there is no risk of getting your car damaged or scratched by large brushes and mitts.

Full-service car wash

This is a combination of automatic tunnel car wash and hand wash. Hand wash will be performed by detailers or car wash crew. This car wash may include interior cleaning.

Mobile car wash

This usually uses trucks to carry water tanks and pressure washers. They can come to your home or business to wash your car.

Waterless car wash

This is an eco-friendly kind of car wash mainly because it does not use a lot of water. The best thing about this type of car wash is that your car ends up looking glossy and shiny because the spray bottle contains a synthetic polymer-based liquid with high-lubricity to prevent scratches.

Steam car wash

This is also an eco-friendly kind of car wash that uses steam to clean a car. The best thing about this type of car wash is that you can use the same steam jet to clean both the exterior and interior of the car. It disinfects and deodorizes your car without contact, meaning it is also a "touchless car wash" type. Since it uses steam, it is anti-freezing and best used during winter you won't be exposed to cold water.

List of the best car wash services by city

Finding a car wash in an area can be difficult and time-consuming so we have come up with a list of the best car wash services in many cities based on customer reviews.