PS7-Gen 3 Alpha Night Vision Goggles

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Are you in a mood to splurge on a reliable pair of Gen 3 night vision goggles for your upcoming camping, hiking or hunting trip, but can not seem to make up your mind about which model to opt for? Gen 3 night vision goggles are categorized as being the real deal and being the gold standard among other models in the market sphere. Featuring extensively long vision ranges, optimal image resolution and among the best low light performance, spending money on purchasing a Gen 3 night vision goggles is worth it, that is, if the model purchased is done so carefully.

So if you have found yourself on this post, to finalize upon a Gen 3 night vision goggles to purchase, then my friend, today is your lucky day. Within this post, I intend of comprehensively reviewing the PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles including the main features, Pros and Cons, so keep on reading! 

Without any further adieu, let's begin, shall we!

If you wish to see what the PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles looks like then watch this video:

Main Features

Withstand Extremely Harsh Conditions

Outer casing being manufactured from highly advanced tempered fibre-plastic allows the  PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles to be utilized under extremely harsh conditions and temperatures. The tempered fibre-plastic not only enable the night vision goggles to be used in below freezing snowy terrains without jeopardizing vision quality but also fully protects the goggles from sustaining any damage in unusually hot temperatures. 

Featuring consistent image quality delivery between temperatures as low as -60 degrees to temperatures within the surrounding environment as high as 120 degrees, the  PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles is a must-have for prospective buyers whom of which often venture out into terrain with extreme weather. 

Furthermore, integrating dry nitrogen within the pro-shield lens coating utilized helps provide users with a clear view, even in circumstances where other surfaces may fog up due to fast temperature drops; therefore, fully optimizing user convenience. Another highly beneficial quality of the holistic outer casing utilized via the  PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles is that it makes the night vision goggles thoroughly water resistant. Thus allowing users to use the night vision goggles regardless of whether it may be extremely humid, or even raining without the fear of any damage. 

An Extensive focus range

An issue with the majority of the night vision goggles available within the market sphere, particularly those categorized under Gen 1 or Gen 2+ is that although their wide-angled or great focus may deliver optimal results; however, to be able to view objects from nearby, the goggles themselves would need to be removed. The PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles goes a step further by integrating optical lens ideal for both close ranges as well as long-range focus to make reading maps, compass readings or even reading a book as close as 0.2m extremely easy. 

For switching focus, each user can manually alter the focal length with the help of a focal length rotator placed on the side of the night vision goggles. 

Convenient Battery

The  PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles delivers users optimal most convenience via utilizing 2 1.5 V AA batteries or a single 3.0 V battery and can give a large aggregate of 60+ working hours. An automatic shut off system incorporated within the  PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles allows the device to shut off when in a stand by mode for extensive periods to best conserve battery life. While further convenience is offered with the help us users quickly being able to carry along additional AA batteries within their stock for longer trips. 

Going an edge further from the usual Gen 3 night vision goggles found in the market sphere, the PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles can warn users of low battery levels with the help of battery indicators displayed within the field of view. 

Dual Focus Infrared Illuminator

Being a dual focus Infrared Illuminator is what makes the  PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles highly specialized. Flood-mode Illumination ensures that the entire focal length view is brought into illumination in circumstances where there may be minimal lighting in the surrounding environment, which is ideal for wide-angle viewing. While Spot-mode illumination offered via the PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles helps with brightening up a specified targeted area for better readability of maps, or affiliated directional tools. 

Alongside dual focus, Automatic brightness controllers incorporated within the technology of the PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles allow users to utilize the goggles in locations with varying levels of lights without the fear of damaging the lens system of the device itself. 

Furthermore, to deliver optimal stealth, eyecups help prevent any form of light being emitted via the goggles from jeopardizing the position or the location of the user; therefore, offering optimal user convenience.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The ergonomic design of the PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles makes it extremely versatile. The goggles can be adequately secured to the head for effectively carrying out hands-free functioning, as well as can be used as a form of hand-held night vision binoculars.
  • Weighing merely 1.5 pounds makes the PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles extremely portable.
  • A 2-year warranty delivered via manufacturers allows users the convenience of replacing the night vision goggles in case of any defaults.
  • An intensifier tube allows users an optimal level of resolution concerning vision.
  • The headgear delivered alongside the PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles does not fit around smaller sized heads; therefore, causing user inconvenience.


The PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles is an excellent night vision goggles, featuring the ability to make visibility seem like daytime with merely the moonlight present as a form of illumination. The only issue is in the diameter of the headgear send alongside the goggles itself. For users whom of which have problems with the helmet being too big of a size can opt for purchasing another set of headgear of effective functioning. 

Overall, I rate the PS7-3A Night Vision Goggles with 4.6 stars out of an aggregate of 5.