Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Editor rating: 4.3/5

This pillow is unique in that it uses gel-coated fiber to provide a cooling sensation to the user. This is ideal for those people who likes silky, soft, squishy pillows because it is made of super plushy material. Although this pillow is softer than memory-foam pillows, it is firm and thick enough to prevent your head from sinking into the pillow. It can take the shape of your head and neck but bounces back right away and won't flatten. Basically, it balances the softness and firmness attributes of the pillow.

Furthermore, it provides resistance against dust mite, mold, mildew, stain, and fading plus it is allergen and chemical free. If you have asthma, allergies, other respiratory issues or coming off a surgery, this pillow would be great for you regardless of your preferred sleeping position.

You could buy this pillow in two packs at a very affordable price. You could use the two pillows all for yourself or you could give away the other one to your special someone. With all these attributes, we gave this pillow a rating of 4.3.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Stylish cover
  • Size is quite big
  • Folds easily ideal for those who likes to squish their pillows up
  • Easily goes back to its original shape
  • Thick enough to support your head
  • Right balance between soft and firm
  • Machine washable
  • Dust mite, mold, and mildew resistant
  • Allergen and chemical free
  • Fade and stain resistant
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Ready to use - no need to air dry or wash
  • Super plush material -silky, soft, squishy
  • A bit heavier than a regular pillow


This pillow is vacuum sealed and flat when you receive it but as soon as you unseal it, the pillow will fluff up and thicken in just a few minutes like magic.

This 51 x 71 cm pillow has a stylish cover and is made of rich luxurious fabric of cotton which makes it soft and squishy very ideal to those who likes to squish their pillows up. It takes the shape of your head and neck, yet it easily bounces back to its original state.

Out of all the pillows we reviewed, this pillow provides resistance against several things like dust mite, mold, mildew, fade, and resistant. So, you can expect this pillow to last a very long time, unlike a regular pillow. It does not easily get dirty and when it does, you can easily wash it by hand or machine.

If you have allergies, no worries! This pillow is allergen and chemical free. Once you get it out of its vacuumed package, you can sleep on it right away. No need to wash or air dry it. It is ready to use.

Although you don't see the gel material that most cooling pillows have, this pillow contains a memory gel-coated polyester fiber that gives off a cooling sensation to the sleeper.

Frequently Asked Questions

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