Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Editor rating: 4.8/5

We love this hair curler. It is affordable, smart, safe, and easy to use. Some of the main reasons why many bloggers recommend it. As a whole, there are six other reasons why we love this hair curler.

First, we love its simplistic design. It is user-friendly and great for newbies. If you are not a professional or if you are just not good at fixing your hair, this hair curler will help you a lot in actually making your hair look more stylish instead of just wearing the same hairdo every day. Furthermore, it is lightweight and sturdy.

Second, we love its guiding features. Aside from reading instructions and watching instructional videos, the tool has special features that will guide you automatically while you are using it. It's patent pending curl direction dial automatically grabs your hair and curls it. It also has a beeping feature that beeps when the tool is ready to use and when it is time for you to remove the hair curler from your hair a few seconds after you stop winding it around your hair.

Third, we love its several safety features. Some people would rather stay away from hair curlers because they do not want to get their hands or hair burnt. This hair curler has a heat control and diamond ceramic ionic technology that prevents burning. It also has an auto shut off after 90 minutes to avoid overheating or wasting electrical energy.

Fourth, you can curl your hair faster without needing professional skills. In fact, this hair curler is best for quick curl ups or touch ups. It heats up fast and you can let the machine work for you.

Fifth, it creates beautiful, long-lasting curls. Because of its overall features, you will be able to create salon worthy curls that do not fade easily even without using a strong hair sprayer. And even if the curl starts to fade, you will still have a slightly wavy hair which is also nice.

Sixth, you can work like a pro. Although the hair curler is fully automatic, you still have control over the curl pattern, placement, size, and amount of hair you want to curl.

The reasons why we did not give a perfect rating are because the hair curler may not be great enough in actually grabbing short hairs and it produces a buzzing sound which is not annoying but may cause you to worry. Just note that your hair curler is properly functioning even with the buzzing sound. 

Finally, just like any other tool, it takes some practice to come up with best results. The good news is there's NOT a huge learning curve at all with this tool. A few tries and you will be able to come up with decent curls. Once you've mastered it which won't take days, you'll be able to come up with unique curls.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Affordable
  • Simplistic design, excellent for newbies
  • Lightweight
  • Swivel cord
  • Easy to reach and simple touch button
  • The unit beeps when you turn it on when it heats up, and when you should remove the wand from your hair
  • Heat control - choose temperature according to hair type, high/low-temperature settings
  • Heats up much faster than other styling tools
  • Does the work for you: Patent pending curl direction dial automatically grabs hair and instantly creates left or right facing curls
  • Gentle to use: Tangle-free patented spinner and the spinner won't pull your hair
  • You can put a large piece of hair which saves you time
  • Long lasting curls especially when you get the hang of it
  • Curls your hair even without hairspray
  • Sturdy
  • May have a buzzing sound when plugged in but it is tolerable
  • May not be able to grab and spin short hairs

How to use Kiss Instawave


Patent pending curl dial

The most unique and important feature of this hair curler is its "patent pending curl direction dial" that automatically catches your hair, spins, and instantly creates left or right facing curls gently without pulling your hair or getting it tangled. Because of this feature, newbies or novices will be able to safely create beautiful curls with less effort in less time.

Additionally, the hair curler has a "beeping feature" that beeps when you turn it on, when it heats up, and when you should remove the wand from your hair. As a user, this feature lets us know if the hair curler is turned on and ready to use. It prevents us from burning our hair since it beeps when the tool needs to be removed from our hair. In this way, the beeping feature serves as a useful guide especially to those who hasn't mastered the art of hair curling.

Diamond-ceramic ionic technology

The primary reason why this hair curler is safe to use is because it is made of "diamond-ceramic ionic technology" that helps protect your hair, reduce the chances of getting your hair burned, produce shiny-looking curls, and keep your hair healthy reducing frizz and damages.

Heat control

You can choose the temperature according to your hair type using the "heat control" - high or low settings. If you are a newbie, we highly recommend using the low settings until you have mastered the hair curler.

Auto shut-off after 90 minutes

Another safety feature is "auto shut off" ability. The tool automatically shuts off after 90 minutes. This is a great feature especially for professionals who will likely use the tool several times in a day.

Comes with a swivel cord so you can freely move the hair curler however you want without entangling the power cord.

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