BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Miracurl Steamtech Professional Curl Machine Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Editor rating: 4.9/5

This curler is truly fully-automatic. All you need to do is to put your hair in and let the machine curl it.

Other than this, it has other amazing features that provide automated performance, safety and saves energy.

It is powered by a MaxLife PRO Brushless Motor Technology that provides a fully automated experience. It gives a proper signal to guide you in curling your hair. There is no need to time the machine, the machine times itself for you and beeps to let you know. It has a motion sensor feature that instantly heats back up when you pick up the unit. It also has auto shutoff and sleep mode features to save energy and keep the unit safe from overheating. Just in case you forget or you need to attend to something else for a few minutes, the machine goes into sleep mode after 20 minutes of being idle and auto shuts off after 60 minutes.

Because it is fully automated, you can rest assured that you'll be able to come up with consistent curls effortlessly. The best part is although the machine is fully automated, you still get to choose HEAT, TIME and DIRECTION settings.

It also uses a Nano Titanium Curl Chamber that does not damage your hair plus its ability to automatically stop and reverse to keep your hair safe from getting tangled, stuck or burnt. A steam option that produces shiny, frizzless curls that are long lasting.

Furthermore, it has complete and clear instructions on how to use it depending on what type of curl you want for the type of hair you have.

The reason why we did not give a perfect star is because you could only put in a few amount of hair at a time.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Effortless - the machine does it for you
  • Control on speed and position of curls
  • Produces consistent curls
  • Motor stops automatically and reverses if the unit jams because too much hair is inserted into the curl chamber
  • It gives out signals. The tool times it for you when it's time to release the curl
  • Auto shutoff after 60 minutes
  • Sleep mode if idle for 20 mins
  • Motion sensor - the heat is back up the minute you pick it up and close it
  • Additional heater for even faster and more powerful surround heat
  • Long-lasting frizzless curls
  • Use steam which is healthier than dry heat
  • Creates shinier curls
  • Great for thin hairs
  • Lightweight
  • Best tool for those with fine hairs
  • Can only curl about 1.5-inch section of hair at a time
  • Takes quite a bit amount of time to get just the right amount of hair into the barrel
  • There are chances of getting your hair tangled but the machine easily untangles without causing any pain


The two key parts of this machine are the MaxLife PRO Brushless Motor Technology and the Nano Titanium Curl Chamber.

The Nano Titanium Curl Chamber is where the hair is automatically gently pulled, wrapped, held, and heated in all directions. This is where the curling job is being done carefully and meticulously. Because of this part, you are able to curl your hair effortlessly, safely and come up with great consistent, frizzless curls.

The MaxLife PRO Brushless Motor Technology is responsible for the several functions of this unit including:

  • Control of speed and position. Although the machine is fully automated, you still get to choose the speed and position while curling your hair. This gives you the freedom to actually experiment and do what you want with your hair.
  • Limits vibration for maximum hand comfort. The housing design of this machine is well-thought out. It is lightweight and easy to hold. And it won't cause numbness or uneasiness to your hand because it does not vibrate too much.
  • Adjustment of voltage fluctuations to deliver consistent performance. One concern that most people have when curling their hair is the difficulty in actually producing consistent curls. This feature together with the other features of this machine helps in producing consistent curls.
  • Automatically stops and reverses if the unit jams because too much hair is inserted into the Nano Titanium Curl Chamber. One look and we get concerned about whether this machine could eat up or burn hair. The company put this into consideration into its design. The motor will automatically stop and reverse to prevent the possibility of getting your hair tangled, stuck, or burnt.
  • Gives signals when it is time for you to release the curl. Most of us are not professionals when it comes to curling our hair. This feature actually guides us on how long we should curl and heat our hair and when we should release it.

This lightweight motor technology is also responsible for maximizing the lifespan of the unit to 25 times the life of an ordinary curling machine. It is worth it to use a machine that can last for years. It does not only save you money but also effort in actually growing through the process of buying another curler.

It also has several important unique safety and energy saving features. These are:

  • Auto shutoff after 60 minutes in case you forget to turn it off. Heat-powered machines can eat up a lot of energy and can be really dangerous if left turned on for a long time. With this feature, the unit is not hazardous.
  • Sleep mode if idle for 20 minutes that saves you energy. Say if you need to do something else hair-related or not, the machine sleeps when you are not using it for more than 20 minutes.
  • Motion sensor that automatically brings the heat back up when you pick it up saving you time and effort. You do not need to wait because it heats up instantly when you pick it up.


Turn on the Miracurl using the switch next to the temperature indicator light. The light will blink as the unit heats up. When the light glows steadily you are ready to go.

Choose HEAT settings:

Setting 1 - 375-degree Fahrenheit / delicate, fine or color-treated hair
Setting 2 - 410-degree Fahrenheit / normal textured hair
Setting 3 - 450-degree Fahrenheit / thick, wavy hair

Once you've chosen the proper heat settings, select the appropriate time setting.

Choose TIME settings:

0 - to time the curl yourself, simply keep the handle closed until you are ready to remove the hair
8, 10, or 12 seconds - the Miracurl will start counting when you close the handle and beep at regular intervals while the curl is being formed

3 beeps for 8 seconds
4 beeps for 10 seconds
5 beeps for 12 seconds
4 rapid beeps when time is up and when the curl is down

Choose DIRECTION settings:

Right - starts the curl clockwise
Left - goes counter clockwise
Setting A - alternates the direction of each successive curl for a natural looking head of curly hair


Subtle curl

Heat: 375-degree Fahrenheit
Time: 8 seconds
Direction: right or left
Close: 3 steady beeps
Release: 4 rapid beeps

Spiral curl

Heat: 450-degree Fahrenheit
Time: 12 seconds
Direction: right or left
Close: 5 steady beeps
Release: 4 rapid beeps

Alternating curl

Heat: 410-degree Fahrenheit
Time: 10 seconds
Direction: alternate
Close: 4 steady beeps
Release: 4 rapid beeps

Retro chic

Heat: 450-degree Fahrenheit
Time: 12 seconds
Direction: right or left
Close: 5 steady beeps
Release: 4 rapid beeps


  • Always start with dry hair.
  • Use hairspray for a more defined style.
  • Use on real or extensions. Do not use on synthetic hair.
  • Always position unit with open part of curl chamber facing toward the head.
  • Insert hair into "V" section of chamber.
  • Ensure the hair section is straight and placed neatly through the center of the styler.
  • For best results, use up to 1.5" section of straight hair and 1" section for wavy and heavily textured hair. Use smaller sections for longer hair below the shoulders, to make sure the curling chamber is not overloaded.
  • If too much hair is drawn into the curling chamber, the machine will stop and the curling motor will reverse, simply redo for the more narrow section of the hair.

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