Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 Gun Safe Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Editor rating: 4/5

The only drop down gun drawer in our list of biometric safes. The door drops down quickly when the safe is unlocked so you can draw your gun smoothly.

This uniquely slim safe is made of solid steel (18-gauge steel construction) that can be mounted mostly anywhere but ideally, it is mounted under the table. Other than that, you can also mount on the bedside, headboard, or nightstand.

It has an interior light and foam pad to keep the gun in place. It has other features such as beeping sound when the battery is running low and a tamper feature to let you know if someone tried to get in.

One of the advantages of this safe over the other safes is that it can store up to 120 individual fingerprints which are a lot. Some safes can only store 10-15 fingerprints.

Finally, for backup access, the safe comes with a key.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Mountable
  • Solid steel
  • Heavy
  • Unique slim design
  • Concealable
  • Interior light
  • Interior has dense gray foam material that keeps the gun in place
  • Comes with corrosion plastic piece of some sort that sits inside the foam that's supposed to keep gun from rusting
  • Smooth gun draw
  • Good alternative to a mattress flap holder
  • Can be installed between bed and nightstand or headboard
  • Perfect bed side gun holder
  • Beeping sound for low battery warning
  • Has tamper feature to let you know if someone tried to get in
  • Backup key
  • Comes with a screwdriver
  • Mounting takes more time than other safes
  • Mounting screws are short
  • You can hear the vault drop open
  • You cannot turn off the interior light
  • Can accommodate only one gun and perhaps a magazine
  • The low battery light only blinks when you activate the safe.



This safe has a unique concealable shape. It is slim so you can easily mount it in small spaces or corners or between furniture. Most people mount it under the table or on their bedside.

You do not need to pull the door to open the safe or wait for the door to slowly open sideways. This safe features gravity drop that automatically drops down open when you unlock it allowing you to draw your gun smoothly in cases of emergency.


The interior is also well-thought out. It has a foam pad that holds the gun securely in place. It has an interior light but because it does not have an on/off switch, we suggest covering it up with an electrical tape. As you can see in the picture, this safe is specifically made for a single gun although you might still be able to find some space for a magazine.


Just like any other safes, this safe also comes with a key for backup access. Not a lot of safes have this feature, but this safe makes a beeping sound if the battery is running low. This is an important feature to ensure that the safe has sufficient amount of power to keep it fully functional. Another useful feature is the tamper feature. It allows you to get informed if an unauthorized person tried to access your safe without your permission.


  1. Press the Start button to open the unit.
  2. Press the Learn/Mute button located next to the battery tray on the inside roof of the unit (Unit will beep and flash green once, this indicates the enrollment procedure has started).
  3. Place your finger on the scanner with the tip of your finger at the top of the finger guide.
  4. Make sure you have good, flat contact with the scanner, taking 1 to 2 seconds to complete the swipe. A single beep will indicate a successful swipe and red flash indicates an unsuccessful swipe.
  5. Repeat Step 3 until you hear a double beep which will indicate a successful enrollment of the fingerprint.
  6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 to add the second administrator.

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