Char-Griller 2123 Wrangler 635 Square Inch Charcoal Grill / Smoker Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Editor Rating: 4.9/5

Convenience, control, and versatility - the Char-Griller 2123 has this wonderful heavy duty, Texas-like grill barrel design.

I have always admired that rustic kind of look that Char-Griller grills have. Black powdery finish, heavy gauge steel, two big wheels, wooden shelves, chimney, barrel shape and other old-school designs that make it look vintage.

Once again, Char-Griller produced a grill that has all the features you need and designed them in a way that makes grilling a lot easier especially on charcoal.

The main thing about this grill is its temperature control capabilities. There are several ways you can do that on this grill. You have the chimney that has an adjustable cover, adjustable side vents, and adjustable firebox.

While most people adjust the temperature by opening or closing the lid, vents, and chimneys, this grill allows you to adjust the temperature directed towards your food by raising or lowering the charcoal pan.

Another thing that I like about this grill is its heavy-duty cooking grates that are divided into 3 smaller sections making them a lot less heavy to lift and wash in a smaller sink. You also don't need to remove the entire cooking grates just to add, remove or spread charcoal because you have the option to remove one or two sections of the cooking grates.

Shaped like a barrel, this grill is medium-sized with a large cooking capacity (main grill and warming rack) and allows for versatility (rotisserie and side firebox can be installed).

These simple designs overall make this design so well-thought out and easy to use. Plus, it gives a different kind of look and feels to your deck, backyard or garden.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Affordable
  • Good looking design
  • Medium size
  • Relatively thick steel
  • Parts are replaceable
  • Large capacity grill
  • Cooking grates are of good quality
  • Cast iron grill is divided into 3 sections for easier removal, cleaning, and storage
  • 3 shelves (front, side, and bottom)
  • Pull out ash pan
  • Great cooking performance
  • Heats up quick
  • Holds heat well
  • Temperature is fairly easy to regulate (Adjustable firebox, vents, and stack)
  • Heat gauge
  • Can accept rotisserie and side firebox
  • Warming rack
  • Barrel-shaped
  • Plastic wheels
  • Instructions are incomplete and pictures are of poor quality
  • No handle to maneuver the grill
  • Stack may occupy space behind the grill
  • Not ideal for very small balconies


Overall, the grill is made mostly of heavy-duty materials. Because it is shaped like a barrel, the main grill has huge cooking area and a curved bottom which is a great place for charcoal and ashes. The lid has a sturdy handle, a reliable thermometer, and a chimney.

There are several ways you can control the temperature of this grill. First off, the chimney has a cover that can be moved side ways allowing to control how much smoke can get out of the grill. The bottom half of the barrel has a vent that can also be adjusted.

Inside the grill are heavy duty cast iron grates that are divided into 3 smaller sections. The smaller cooking grates allow you to wash them easily in a smaller sink. They are also a lot less heavy when you lift them out to clean, add or spread charcoal.

It has an adjustable firebox allowing you to control how much heat is directed towards your food. By holding the firebox handle, you have the ability to easily raise or lower the charcoal pan close or away from your food. For a better idea on how amazing this works, please watch the video below.


Brand: Char-Griller
Model: 2123
Dimensions: 50H x 29W x 35L inches
Weight: 112 lbs
Material: Heavy gauge steel with double reinforcement bottom
Finish: Powder coat finish
Style: Grill
Fuel: Charcoal
Main grill: 435 sq in
Warming rack: 200 sq in
Cooking grates: Cast iron
Assembly time: 45 minutes
Accepts: Rotisserie and Side Firebox

This grill has four legs that are thick and sturdy providing support and balance for the grill. Two of the legs have big wheels making it easy to move anywhere you want.

The grill has several shelves. There is one side shelf with hooks where you can put a plate and hang your gloves and cooking utensils. The front shelf is great for sauces or anything you need immediately. The bottom shelf is where you can put a sack of charcoals.

This grill is also ready to accept rotisserie and side firebox. You can purchase them separately if you want them installed on this grill.

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