3 Best Digital Binoculars for 2019

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Do you like distance viewing? Do you want to view at a distance and take pictures or videos at the same time?

Basically, binoculars are used for distance viewing while digital cameras are for capturing images and recording of videos. Carrying both at the same time is quite a hassle and takes up space in your bag. Plus, you won't be able to instantly capture images while looking through the binoculars. You will miss crucial moments because it takes a few seconds to switch from a binocular to a digital camera.

Digital Binoculars were created to combine binoculars and digital cameras in one device. And in most cases, these devices have a built-in LCD screen to allow you to review the pictures and videos you've taken and flip it down if you're not using it. This makes everything easy for someone who likes distance viewing and photography.

We've looked into several different models and brands and found 3 of the best Digital Binoculars in the market today. Please read further below to see more details.

Eoncore BIN-FS608R 12x32 Digital Binoculars - Value for money

This digital binocular has a 2 inch built-in LCD screen that can be flipped down against the surface of the device so that it's easy to hold and store in a pocket. It has great visibility with 32mm objective lens, 12x magnification, and viewing range of up to 200 yards. It has an anti-shake feature and comes with a 4GB TF card for photo and video storage. To see it's full features, click below.

BARSKA 8x32 Binocular w/ 8MP Built-in Digital Camera - Closest minimum focus distance of 5m

Binoculars are primarily designed for long range viewing. But if you want to be able to focus at shorter distances, this is your best option. It has a fully coated 32mm objective lens, a field of view of 330 feet at 100 yards and has a Dual Eye Diopter Adjustment feature. Once you receive the package, you can get started right away as it has a 16MB built-in RAM. You could also get a larger storage with its SD card slot that is expandable to 16GB. It has several other features including an editing software. To see its full features, please click here.

Bushnell #111026 10x25 Digital Binocular - Good visibility and several accessories

Equipped with a fully coated optics, 10x magnification, a minimum focus distance of 12 feet, and a field of view of 290 feet at 1000 yards, this Bushnell Digital Binocular comes with several accessories such as a complete cleaning kit, battery charger, remote shutter cable, a USB port, and cable. Plus, it also includes a built-in 8MB RAM and a storage capacity of up to 32GB. To see its full features, please click here.


The most affordable among the digital binoculars on our list is the Bushnell Model #111026.

The smallest and lightest is the Eoncore BIN-FS608R while the biggest and heaviest is the Bushnell Model #111026.

All are using AAA batteries except the Eoncore BIN-FS608R which uses lithium ion batteries.

The highest binocular magnification is 12x from Eoncore BIN-FS608R, while the highest digital camera magnification is 8x from Bushnell Model #111026. The widest field of view is 330 feet at 100 yards by Barska AH11410, while the closest minimum focus distance is 3m from Bushnell Model #111026. Only Barska AH11410 has the Dual Eye Diopter Adjustment feature and only Eoncore BIN-FS608R has an Anti-Shake feature.

The Dual Eye Diopter Adjustment allows you to adjust each lens separately according to the vision of your left and right eye. The Anti-Shake feature reduces blurring when shooting hand held and captures several images at slow shutter speeds.

All have SD card slots that are expandable of up to 32GB except Barska AH11410 which can be expanded to 16GB. All except one has a built in RAM. Barska AH11410 has a 16MB built-in RAM while Bushnell Model 111026 has an 8MB RAM.

Only Bushnell Model #111026 does not have a built-in flip-up LCD screen, while the largest LCD screen is 2 inches from Eoncore BIN-FS608R.

I trust that this information helps in comparing the three digital binoculars from each other.


Product Our Rating
Eoncore BIN-FS608R
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Bushnell 111026
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