Bushnell 111026 ImageView 10x25 Roof Prism Binocular w/ VGA Digital Camera + Folding Prism Binocular + Charger w/ 4pcs AAA Batteries + Accessory Kit Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Editor Rating: 3.5/5

Simple yet effective - that's how I would describe the most affordable digital binocular on our list. Although it does not have an instant replay LCD screen, you can definitely look through the binoculars for distance viewing and capture photos and videos at the same time. While you cannot use the device to replay photos and videos, it does have an SD card slot and a USB port so you can transfer files and view them on a computer or any other device that has an SD card slot or USB port.

Out of all the similar devices we reviewed, this has the closest minimum focusing distance of 12 feet. Although most people look for binoculars for distance viewing, these binoculars can be difficult to focus on shorter distances. This binocular allows for focusing at closer distances than most binoculars.

Finally, this device also has the most number of accessories. It has a complete cleaning kit that you probably have not seen in other digital binoculars before. It includes a lens pen cleaning tool and a microfiber cleaning cloth. It also includes a remote shutter cable which is pretty unique since the other digital binoculars we reviewed does not have this type of accessory. The remote shutter cable allows you to capture photos without holding the binoculars.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Most affordable
  • Comes with compact charger, cleaning kit, wide strap, tripod socket, remote shutter cable
  • Tripod mountable
  • Field of view of 290 feet at 1000 yards
  • Fully coated optics
  • Fold down eyecups
  • 32GB storage capacity
  • Easy to use
  • 5 hours battery runtime
  • Lightweight
  • USB port and cable
  • Hard to focus if your hands are shaky


The Bushnell Model # 111026 is heavier and bigger than the other digital binoculars in our list, but still, I would consider it as lightweight, handy, and portable. You can mount it on a tripod so if your hands get tired or shaky you can put it on a tripod to continue observing and to keep it in focus while you are taking photos or videos. It also has fold down eye cups so you can comfortably rest your eyes.

It comes with several accessories, the most number of accessories among the digital binoculars we reviewed. Considering its affordable price, you will also get the following:

  • Compact charger
  • Cleaning kit (includes a microfiber cloth that does not scratch the lenses and a lens pen cleaning tool)
  • Wide strap (to easily carry the binoculars)
  • Tripod socket
  • Remote shutter cable helps you capture a photo without holding the binoculars
  • USB port and cable as another way to transfer files (photos and videos)

It also easy and inexpensive to the device powered up since it only uses AAAs and has a battery life of up to 5 hours depending on how you are using it which isn't bad. Besides, AAAs are inexpensive and easy to find in many local stores.

The lenses are 25mm in diameter and fully coated that serves as protection and also to allow for more light to be absorbed creating a clearer, brighter, high-resolution photos and videos.

It has a decent field of view of 290 feet at 1000 yards and a minimum focus distance of 12 feet which is great for mid-range photography. The camera has a camera magnification of 8x which is not far from the binoculars 10x magnification.

This device has an 8MB internal flash memory, the only digital binoculars on our list that has a built-in memory or RAM. Furthermore, it also has an SD card slot that is expandable for up to 32GB.


Brand: Bushnell
Model: 111026
In the box: Compact charger, cleaning kit, wide strap, tripod socket, remote shutter cable
Dimension: 7.8 x 7 x 2.3 inches
Weight: 15.8 ounces
Batteries: AAA
Binoculars magnification: 10x
Camera magnification: 8x
Objective lens: 25mm
Image resolution: 1.3MP
SD card maximum capacity: 32GB
Built-in memory: 8MB
Minimum focus distance: 12 feet
Field of view: [email protected]/[email protected]

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