SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit Review

  • Written by: William Copper

The SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit is one of the top rated headlight restoration products on the market. The kit includes all the necessary cleaners, protective tape, a UV headlight sealer, and even a protective glove to make the process as convenient, simple, and pain-free as possible.

There are undoubtedly plenty of self-proclaimed headlight restoration kits on the market, some offering a simpler, ‘less application’ of cleaning solution, or perhaps even ‘wipes’ technology promising a full cleaning in 10 minutes or less. However, as you'll learn and experience with the SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit that the amount of effort and reliable cleaning and polishing agents applied ultimately dictate your final results. After all, it didn’t take 5 minutes to get that way – it likely took years. But, also keep in mind, that different people’s vehicles will vary in its condition, and what doesn’t work for some may very well work great for others.

Therefore, if your headlights are suffering from yellowing, headlight corrosion, or your headlights are just flat-out dirty and you miss the old light visibility and output your headlights used to have then this is one of the best products available for you.

Cleans and Restores

This headlight restoration kit is a truly all-in-one package, as it includes the necessary surface activator liquid compound (also known as a plasma activation compound) to prep properly, a clarifying compound, a UV blocking clear coat liquid, 3 grades of waterproof premium sandpaper, 2 white applicator cloths, 1 lint-free UV applicator cloth, a roll of protective tape, and a vinyl glove to maximize your results. This kit system prepares the surface to both remove (old) and apply (new) adhesive chemicals and ‘intense’ cleaning process you’ll give it next. Included with the product is a guide to walk you step by step through the process, and best of all it’s relatively simple, and convenient to use. In comparison to other headlight restoration kits on the market this saves you money by including all of the parts necessary to get the job done, and of course, money saved as opposed to spending hundreds of dollars on a professional headlight cleaning or purchasing replacements.

The SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit has also won the Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award - and for good reason. Car owners - and businesses alike - that have cars which headlights look 5, 10, or even 20 years older than they are can be both embarrassing and frustrating. So, whether you live in the North where it's sunny and hot where the sun's UV rays will wear and damage your headlight lenses over time or the south where the dreaded rock salt and one too many carwashes with cheap waxes and soaps erode away at them, this is the ultimate solution hands down for anyone serious about headlight cleaning restoration.

Product How-to Video with useful tips

Why Customers Choose this Restoration Kit

With quotes from dealerships at $300-$600 or more to replace lens housing, or having a mechanic 'drill away' at it and risk unwanted scratches and holes, the precise use of multi-grit sandpaper, careful cleaning chemical compound application, and restorative properties along with a UV protective sealant make for the ultimate, affordable, premium do-it-yourself at home headlight restoration kit.

Thousands of customers have had a positive experience with the SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit, and finish with their headlights crystal clear, looking brand new, and dramatic - up to 3x or more - clarity and power of headlight strength which increases your ability to see oncoming cars from a distance and drive safely. A lot of people don't realize it but faded, eroded, yellow, and dirty headlights actually cause oncoming light to bounce off your car which could easily lead to an unwanted accident due to low visibility.

This product is a top choice because it’s designed to be done in 30 minutes, and the average customer reports the total process to take between 30 minutes to an hour. So, this headlight restoration kit doesn’t just save you money, but it also saves you time – which for many people, is indeed money.

So if you’re tired of that ‘milky appearance’ on your headlights, are over trying at-home remedies and cheap concoctions that just make it worse or cause further damage, then this is the way to go. Give your car and headlights – important for safety – the treatment and preventative care it deserves.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • This kit doesn’t require drills or other electric tools, or hand tools like a hammer, screwdriver, etc. as some headlight restoration kits do require along with actually uninstalling or removing your headlights entirely.
  • The SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit really went above and beyond to provide you with every type of necessary cleaning product, a UV protective sealant, sandpaper, and a protective glove. It also includes protective tape to keep harmful chemicals away from the rest of your vehicle and ensure you don’t accidentally sand away or damage your paint.
  • Product is designed to yield positive results per the effort you put into it, as well as your efficiency at following the directions carefully. Don’t worry, you can always try a second time – and, just take notes for the next application to make it better. There is plenty applicator and supplies with this kit to go over it a second time or even use on your taillights or other vehicle.
  • In comparison to products that do require power tools, you can expect to be putting that much more effort or physical labor into this process. That doesn’t mean it will be impossible, but rather, it’s best to set aside a few hours for this project - especially if it’s your first time.
  • Few customers have reported that the adhesive tape included does not diligently keep water out of other areas, or the area you’re working on when you’re trying to keep it dry. Although you are not required to manually or by any measure remove the headlight lenses, you may find purchasing separately a reliable protective tape, just for this purpose such as the 3M 03433 36 mm x 32 m Automotive Performance Masking Tape a very efficient solution - as the 3M name is well known and trusted for auto-cleaning and adhesive products.

TIP: Also, for customers of the SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit you will become familiar with how (yes) blurry and dirty (courtesy of all the sandpaper and chemicals) your headlights might seem up until the very end, but the real dramatic cleaning and results are within the last few steps – so patience as it always has been is definitely a virtue when using this kit. Also, SYLVANIA offers a Lifetime Money-Back Guarantee, so believe this product’s warranty and company’s customer service feedback speak for itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Rating: 4.5/5

In consideration of the consistently positive feedback of this headlight restoration kit, the fact that SYLVANIA went above and beyond by including a helpful, easy to read guide and literally included every cleaning product and measure necessary, we give the SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit 4.5/5 rating. It is absolutely a complete kit for most, but as few customers have reported that the included protective tape or glove might not meet the demands of the process, we remain impartial for the sake of your personal experience and likelihood of successful results.

Buy or not to buy ? If you have a new, used or older car that’s in need of a serious cleaning and restoration of its headlights, then the SYLVANIA Restoration Kit is definitely the optimal product to go with. It is a full kit, made of premium chemicals and cleaners, provides you extras to help with the process, and are generous with the amounts of cleaner and sealant provided. So, if you accidentally spill a bit, or misapplied the product and want to try again it’s more than feasible.

Costumers have appeared ecstatic with the results in nearly every case of submitting feedback about this product, report that their headlights are now nearly crystal clear – and even get compliments for them looking brand new. If you’re willing to commit the patience, time, and efforts necessary to maximize cleaning and restoring your headlights then the SYLVANIA Headlight Restoration Kit is definitely best for you and your vehicle.