COLOURLOCK Leather & Textile Cleaning Brush Review

  • Written by: William Copper

A leather car interior is a prized possession by many, much as genuine leather furniture and other valuables are in general. While a leather car interior adds both class and personality, it can also be a hassle to clean – especially if you haven’t applied regular, necessary maintenance to clean, condition, and prevent stains or damage to it over the years.

For many, looking for the right leather cleaning solution, and necessary tools (such as the right cleaning brush) can seem difficult, but the COLOURLOCK Leather & Textile Cleaning Brush provides a premium, effective, and durable solution that’s sure to last you for years to come.

A Durable and Effective Leather Cleaning Product

The COLOURLOCK Leather & Textile cleaning brush, made in Germany, is an excellent solution for deep-scrubbing your leather as both a shampoo and conditioner that removes dirt, dust and other stains that have accumulated over time.

Unfortunately, many vehicles – and leather furniture owners – do not realize that one of the most effective forms of “treatment” is actually preventative maintenance. However, when this is neglected over time with a vehicle’s leather interior, along with weathering such as UV damage, body oils, and foods it suffers greatly in both condition and appearance.

Customers of the COLOURLOCK Cleaning Brush have found great success with this product, even with stains on their leather interior that have been sitting for years. You see, with just the right quality of bristles, durability, and not too abrasive design, a cleaning brush is as effective on your leather only as good as the material it’s made with. Customers have also found this car leather interior brush to be great for leather panels, as well as door-siding. From Malibu leather seats to BMW premium, genuine leather interiors, the COLOURLOCK brand is well-trusted among both consumers and professional car detailers alike.

Cleaning and Restoring leather video

Please check video bellow for not only cleaning and restoring leather car interiors or furniture but also illustrating why and how some consumers also utilize light-grit sanding paper on smooth leather surfaces to maximize results along with their cleaning product and leather brush. Also, you’ll notice that some car owners with a leather interior sometimes use the “wet sanding” technique - just make sure you first conduct the necessary research to prevent unwanted damage!

Also, If you’re looking to maximize your vehicles leather interior cleaning and restoration process, consider investing into other popular, top rated interior cleaning products such as air fresheners, leather cleaners, dashboard and plastic cleaner, and more by checking them out here

Total Cleaning Flexibility

If you have leather furniture at home, not only is this product excellent for squeezing into small places to clean and restore your leather interior, but also your leather seats, cushions, or other furniture.

The bristles on the COLOURLOCK Leather Brush are soft enough to avoid damage or rubbing stains in deeper, yet solid enough to effectively remove stains and other dirt, dust, and even bacteria build-up. Many car and leather furniture owners may not realize it, but generally speaking, vehicle interiors that were made with genuine leather in the past 20 years or less is some of the strongest, durable leather. So, with this brush you do not have to worry about causing unwanted damage or scratches during cleaning.

For those using this leather and textile cleaning brush for genuine leather furniture, you will find that even UV damage can be reduced and that the brushes bristles are designed to also effectively restore its original condition and appearance.

Customers have reported great success in also using the COLOURLOCK Leather & Textile Cleaning Brush to remove tough stains on genuine leather handbags and accessories. And, as noted in the product name, it’s also effective at swiftly removing dirt buildup and stains in both textiles as well as Alcantara materials - which really adds to product flexibility.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The COLOURLOCK Leather Cleaning Brush at just 4.65in x 1.57in x 1.2in is small enough to fit comfortably in most hands, making for a flexible, efficient cleaning tool.
  • Because this cleaning brush is made from sturdy, durable synthetic fibers it is strong enough to be effective in removing stains and cleaning out dirt and dust from between leather interior or furniture seams.
  •   Car owners are very happy with the COLOURLOCK Cleaning Brush because it's practical for multi-use, from leather convertible tops to leather furniture, accessories, and more. It is an all-around effective solution for restoring and preserving the condition of your genuine leather.
  • Few customers have reported that the COLOURLOCK Leather & Textile Cleaning Brush shows signs of significant wear after finishing just one complete vehicle cleaning. However, it’s important to keep in mind and apply the proper strokes and cleaning technique, as to avoid ruining the bristles, or worse, breaking them off.
  • Leather car interiors and furniture will often have a “clear-coat”, liquid-plastic-like sealant, which means that it can stand up to relatively abrasive brushing strokes. However, using the wrong chemicals, or ones which are simply too strong – or needed to be diluted first – can undoubtedly be the culprit in misapplication or making leather stains worse, may it be in your car or in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this cleaning brush easy to clean after use?

Is this a good product to use for cleaning microfiber furniture?

If my car interior is made of just simple fabric can I still use this brush to clean?

Editor Rating 4/5

We give the COLOURLOCK Leather & Textile Cleaning Brush a firm 4 out of 5 stars, as it’s made of strong, flexible and yet soft bristles, a solid handle, and is effective for tough stain removal and cleaning leather.

Some competing leather brushes use materials like horsehair to exfoliate a leather car interior or furniture, although just as with any product this has its share of pros and cons – such as it often being too sensitive to effectively remove deep stains on leather, or small grains of dirt.

Ultimately, customers report being quite pleased with this product, and it’s simple, easy to use design makes it possible for people with nearly any hand size to use it effectively.

Buy or not to buy ? If you’re looking for a simple to use, effective, and solid cleaning brush for either genuine leather or textile materials, then the COLOURLOCK Leather & Textile Cleaner is an excellent choice.

Built in Germany, customers have reported using their COLOURLOCK Cleaning Brush on a variety of materials, furniture, car interiors, and even other synthetic leather and accessories.

Customers have been very pleased with the results of using this brush to clean and restore the appearance of their vehicles interior leather, even after its been sitting with stains, dirt, and other build-up for years or more. If you are indeed serious about maximizing your experience in cleaning, restoring, and renewing the condition of your leather interior then it’s also noteworthy to consider investing in a well-reputed, effective leather cleaner product such as the Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. This interior cleaning product, in combination with the leather cleaning brush by COLOURLOCK, is the perfect solution for all of your leather and vinyl cleaning needs.