Chemical Guys MIC_507_06 Professional Grade Premium Microfiber Towel in Gold Color Review

  • Written by: William Copper

If you’re in the market for high-density, durable, and effective microfiber towels then the Chemical Guys MIC-507_06 Professional Grade Microfiber Towels is the perfect solution.

The Chemical Guy’s brand has a strong reputation for producing quality, effective car detailing and cleaning products, and this professional grade microfiber towel is no exception. This microfiber towel is two-sided, and is not only great for removing dirt and dust, but also perfect for wiping down or cleaning your car windows. Even better? They are designed to be safe, effective, and not leave swirling or streaks behind during regular use.

Perfect for Both Cleaning and Drying: The Chemical Guys Microfiber Towel

The Chemical Guys Microfiber Towel is ideal for customers who are looking to either clean their vehicle or dry the windows with ease and convenience. Because the microfiber towel is made with a low pile and high pile side, it easily serves a dual-role in either removing dirt, grime, or dust while also offering a simple, fast solution for also drying your windows.

For those that are looking to use a “quick detailer” product, polish or wax this is also the best microfiber towel for cars because it is very absorbent, and will not leave unwanted swirls or streaks behind after you’ve put in all that effort. And to sweeten the deal, Chemical Guys went above and beyond by also designing the microfiber towel ridges with silk, as opposed to nylon or other materials that might attract more dirt or dust, or worse, leave scratches behind.

An Advanced Design for Dirt Removal

This microfiber towel has also been "positively charged", which means it was designed to detract static electricity (while you rub and dry your car exterior) so that you do not pick up – apply – unwanted dirt and dust particles during or post-cleaning when you dry the car or windows off.

For those that frequently wash their car, this is an ideal cloth solution that works when both wet, as well as dry, and it remains one of the most effective, and practical solutions to detailing your car and making the most of your efforts. And, for those that live in especially humid or wet conditions, you’ll find that this microfiber cloth stands up well to the job, is fine to use in a normal washing machine, and can be either hung up to dry or placed (alone) in the dryer.

You can watch a helpful video on properly cleaning and drying your microfiber cloth towels here:

In fact, as far as durability goes, customers report that the Chemical Guys Microfiber Towels are so well-made, that when using to clean or dry your car, and windows, that you can’t feel the surface under the rag very easily. This shows that they’re made of quality materials, and in comparison to competing products, customers appear much more satisfied with the end results when using this Chemical Guys product.

If you have big hands or have an especially large project such as detailing the entire car, then these microfiber towels are great because they cover more space, hold more water, and will not tear away or fall apart while cleaning. This microfiber towel is also a great addition to simply keep in your trunk for on the road, should you need to make a last-minute or on the go detail or drying of your vehicle. They are also very effective for buffing and removing the residue of other cleaning products post-cleaning, which is a huge plus.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • This microfiber towel soaks up liquid, which is a comparison to other microfiber towels on the market or in stores, will not repel, or move dirt, dust, or cleaning residue all across your vehicle or glass during cleaning.
  • The MIC_507_06 microfiber towel is designed with durable, soft, and effective threading that is specifically designed for cleaning your windows, as well as hard to reach places that accumulate dirt, dust, and other debris over time.
  • If you’re looking for a microfiber towel that will last a year or longer, is trusted by customers, and will not leave you disappointed then this is definitely a must have for any car owners, and while big enough to do the big jobs, is still convenient enough to fold up and store away in your car for when needed.
  • Few customers have pointed out that the Chemical Guys microfiber towel comes with a tag attached, and that it’s ideal to remove this albeit unlikely harmful (possibly abrasive) material from the towel - just to ensure the smoothest, soft, and effective touch as possible.
  • Some customers have expressed a tough experience with their microfiber towel holding and smearing lint onto their car projects. Although, this is why it’s so important to ensure you wash and dry your microfiber towels separately from any other laundry, to avoid transfer of lint.
  • In the case of wear and tear, while these microfiber towels are undoubtedly some of the most durable, reliable towels on the market, overly abrasive use, improper washing, drying, or rubbing over unseen sharp edges on your car can understandably tear or deplete the towel of its materials over time.
  • Also, although perhaps a rarer mistake, it’s ideal to ensure you’re detailing, washing, or drying your car with a microfiber cloth when it is turned off. Exposing any material, no matter how durable in the form of a cloth is sure to cause potential problems such as melting, or creating an unwanted, “sticky” substance from the microfiber towels.

Frequently Asked Questions

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I accidentally got a lot of lint on my towel, how can I restore it to its original condition?

If I’ve brought my car through a drive-through car wash, can I use these towels to dry it off?

Editor Rating 4.5/5

In consideration of the premium grade, design, and effectiveness of the Chemical Guys microfiber towels we’re confident in giving it a near perfect score of 4.5/5 Stars.

These microfiber towels undoubtedly surpass most competing products, are made with special care, and non-harmful materials for nearly any washing, waxing, or buffing purposes on your car. Because customers have rarely complained of these microfiber towels falling apart, it’s evident that they’ve been made with quality threads. The fact that this is a two-sided towel with different piles makes it the perfect, multi-use solution for all of your car care needs.

Also, when purchased you’ll receive (6) total microfiber towels, which makes it a great all-in-one solution for cleaning both the interior and exterior of your vehicle with ease and positive results.

Buy or not to buy? If you’re looking for a microfiber towel that is soft, plush, durable, and will get the job done, then this is definitely the best product choice. You don’t have to worry about it being cheaply made, leaving smears behind, or ever damaging the paint – or interior – of your vehicle during, or post-use.

Given the positive feedback, along with the overall popular reputation of Chemical Guys cleaning and detailing products for cars, we’re confident in recommending this product to you. So, if this is your first time cleaning or detailing your car, or you’re simply tired of cheap, or “throw away” microfiber towels then this is definitely a noteworthy investment.