Ozium Air Sanitizer Spray & Air Freshener Review

  • Written by: William Copper

If you are a smoker and find yourself using an air freshener in your car, at home, or in the office to hide or remove the scent, you might have noticed that most air fresheners take multiple sprays, holding down the button, and needing to refill or buy new ones much sooner than you’d like. So, from at-home offices to your car, outside and indoor events, we want you to know that customers have found an all-around air freshener that is extremely effective as it uses concentrate ingredients requiring less, for more positive results – and we call it Ozium.

The Ozium Air Sanitizer has superior multi-use, and produces such positive, consistent results that customers from around the country come back for more, and even share it with their friends. Ozium not only freshens the air and environment, but also kills bacteria. Read on to find out why so many use this Ozium product, and you can decide for yourself if it’s what you’ve been looking for.

The Ultimate Solution for All-Around Cleanliness

Customers have described the Ozium Air Sanitizer as working in as little as one spray, and that it in just a matter of seconds can destroy any bad odors, smoke, and bacteria in the air. A lot of people might not realize it, but often, when we are indoors (including when in a car), harmful gasses, allergies, viruses, dust, mildew, and even fumes which create bacteria which can harm our respiratory or even skin builds up. Therefore, using a bacteria fighting air sanitizer like Ozium is also a scientifically meaningful solution. You can learn more about how bad smells or odors are caused by bacteria by watching this simple, informative video:

For every day around the house use, as well as in your vehicle or at work people are trying out and regularly using air fresheners. Because some of the larger cleaning supplies companies using aggressive sales tactics, such as commercials, people often find themselves feeling limited to only one of three or four different brands. However, thanks to the internet this has become a false reality of the past.

The Ozium Air Sanitizer is also a top pick for people that have pets at home, or anyone combatting pet-odors, may it be in their garage, or even left in a car. It’s also frequently used by professional car detailers and has been a long-time trusted product for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. It’s especially popular among medical professionals like doctors and nurses, as they are often not allowed to smoke, or smell like smoke when interacting with patients. Speaking of smoke, for anyone that’s ever accidentally burnt popcorn before or dinner, and have limited ventilation or are looking to quickly dissipate the smell, this product works wonders.

Other people that look for the best air deodorizer have found the Ozium Air Sanitizer perfect for helping to remove the foul smells of dead animals in their car, realtors and cleaning agencies in homes for resale, and even funeral directors for maintaining a tranquil, neutral-smell environment. Customers of the Ozium cleaner also find satisfaction in its delicate, pine or lemon scent, and it’s not overwhelming for those with allergies or sensitive noses. Also, customers that have had the displeasure of their pets getting sprayed by a skunk have even found positive results with using this product to fix their dilemma.

Another great value of the Ozium Air Sanitizer is that it actively destroys bacteria in the air, which makes it a must-have for flu season, or those with big families, frequent visitors, children, or animals in their homes.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Ozium Air Sanitizer is fast-acting, and will completely eliminate odors caused by bacteria, dust, dirt, and other buildups on contact.
  • This air freshener is strong enough to be effective, but not overwhelming enough to create an unsafe environment or unbearable conditions to your nose and those around you.
  • Ozium is a reputable, effective air sanitizer because it doesn’t just “mask” odors, it completely eliminates them, and leaves a fresh scent behind. Many customers compare it to a “new car” smell, or even a very clean, neutral smelling and well-manicured environment such as a doctor's or dentist’s office.
  • Few customers have pointed out that the Ozium Air Sanitizer can be a little strong to their noses, and that it’s best to let the product sit once sprayed, and return 10 minutes later which it’s then no longer noticeable.
  • If you are more interested in a fruity, flowery, or another specific scent, as some customers prefer a distinctive, clean, and appealing scent, you can also try the Country Fresh Ozium Air Sanitizer, or even the Vanilla Scent Ozium Air Sanitizer which is also quite popular. 
  • For anyone that has serious smoke odor, or even damage to their home or car, although success might seem difficult, it understandably may take more than one application – especially if other cleaners were used recently. Using other ineffective cleaners, or “Do it Yourself” chemical concoctions at home can actually sometimes make odors worse, and even push them deeper into surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the smell last after application?

I work at a gas station will this help keep odors away?

My bird cages smell really bad, is this a good air sanitizer for the serious odor?

Is this effective to spray on clothes and other cloth material?

Can I use this on stinky-rooms that have gone neglected like my basement?

Editor Rating 5/5

We give the Ozium Air Sanitizer the best score, of 5/5 stars, as it is by far the most effective, multi-use, potent yet not overbearing air sanitizer available on the market as far as we can tell. Customers are extremely happy with using this product, and it takes very little to get the job done right the first time.

For an air sanitizer that effectively restores or maintains the balance of odors in the air as severe as concerts or outdoor event public restrooms, or even cars that have had dogs with them for 20 years or more without cleaning, this is hands down the top choice for all of your air freshening needs. We like that customers find pride in using this product as not just a “cover up” for foul odors, but one that efficiently removes odors down to the bacteria, dust, gas, grime, or other pollution that caused it in the first place. In comparison to other competing products which rely on heavy flowery or fruity scents to mask the real problem, Ozium definitely sets the bar high.

Buy or not to buy? No matter what the task, challenge, or environment, customers have found success in using this product to both clean and refresh long-neglected rooms, cars, and other surfaces without fail.

If you are a frequent smoker and are looking to completely eliminate the smell of smoke as swiftly as one spray and in just a minute or less, this is definitely the product for you. From pet odors to urine, mold, and grime, dust, and even gases that have accumulated over time in rooms and other places, Ozium topples the competition by far, and the majority of customers have found great success and satisfaction in using this air sanitizer product.