Griot's Garage 11107 Wheel Cleaner Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Griot's Garage started in 1991. They are relatively new to the business compared to Meguiar's and Sonax but I like the fact that their product "Griot's Garage 11107 Wheel Cleaner" is approved by BBS, a manufacturer of wheels for most automobiles such as Ferrari, Porsche, BMW and more.

In viewing their company videos, you will see how dedicated they are in developing products and staying true to their motto "Have fun in your garage". Their wide range of car care products will help you easily find the products you need and make sure that you have fun in your garage.

Effective and safe

Compared to other wheel cleaners in the market, I can say that this one strikes a balance between effectiveness and safety. The product cleans well and environmentally safe at the same time. Additionally, the smell is pleasant so you can enjoy cleaning your wheels without inhaling toxic chemicals.

While most people find this product too expensive, I personally think that it's worth price. This 35-ounce product and Sonax wheel cleaner have about the same price, but take note that this product is twice as heavy as the Sonax wheel cleaner. 

Last but certainly not the least, this product is without a doubt safe for all types of wheels: chromed, polished, powder coated, aluminum, steel, matte wheel surfaces, cars with carbon ceramic brakes, anodized, and painted wheels.

This product is available in several sizes: 1 gallon, 35 ounces, 22 ounces, 8 ounces. Please take a look at the pictures below to see how these sizes look like.

Other relevant Griot's wheel products and tools

Some consumers have complained that this product would still require a little bit of scrubbing. To be honest, I haven't found a wheel cleaner that would not require some scrubbing. The good thing here is that this product only requires mild scrubbing. If you have a wheel of built up brake dust, I would recommend Griot's Garage Heavy-Duty Wheel Cleaner, this product is made for very dirty wheels also comes in other sizes, 1 gallon, and 22 ounces.

As for the container, it is durable. Just make sure that you purchase Griot's Garage Fine Sprayer since the bottles don't usually come with them. You'll have to purchase them separately.


  • Buy Griot's Garage Finest Spray to evenly apply the product on your wheels. It has a long tube to make sure you'll be able to fully consume the liquid in the bottle. 
  • We also recommend testing the product in an inconspicuous area on one wheel first. It is a must when trying out a wheel cleaner for the first time. 

How to apply:

  1. Make sure wheels are cool.
  2. Rinse the wheel and spray the product on.
  3. Agitate a little then immediately rinse clean. Do not let cleaner dry on the wheel.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Biodegradable.
  • Non corrosive or toxic: safe for your wheel, for you and the environment
  • Gentle on wheels yet strong enough to effectively clean mild to moderate brake dust
  • Pleasant smell
  • Nice balance between quality and safety
  • Save more by buying the gallon size.
  • Griot's wheel cleaner is approximately twice as heavy as the other similarly products that are sold at about the same price.
  • No risk of the product stripping off your wheel's coat or car's paint

Frequently Asked Questions

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Editor Rating: 4.9/5

This is a great wheel cleaner. It is inexpensive, has a reliable container, comes in different sizes, you could use a sprayer to apply the product, it does not smell bad and it is not toxic to the environment. Only thing is that this product is great for light duty use, which is all right because Griot's offers a wheel cleaner specifically formulated for heavy duty use. So if you have years of build up brakes dust, mud or dirt on your wheels, we recommend buying the Griot's Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner.

Buy or not buy: I highly recommend this product especially to those people who regularly wash their wheels. I am hoping that people would actually try this product as it is totally different from other wheel cleaners. Most of us think that an effective wheel cleaner should be chemically strong with a toxic smell. This product proves this wrong. A wheel cleaner can be effective and non-toxic at the same time. Just keep in mind that the Griot's Garage Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner is more appropriate to those cars with built up brake dust and road grime.