Wheel Wax Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

First off, most people usually are interested in getting to know a little bit about the manufacturer. Basically, Wheel Wax is among the first to develop products for wheel protection in the car industry which mean that they are fully experienced when it comes to developing products that help in protecting wheels.

Secondly, I've seen this product used many times in several car exhibitions in the country which means that the product is trusted by car owners and professionals.

Do I need to wax my wheels?

The answer is a big YES. Many people spend too much on many car products but they forget what is most important -- wheel protection! Wheels are probably the most abused part of a vehicle so they need special attention. According to AAA, the average cost of tires is at $147 a year so you would want to protect your wheels so you can use it longer.

Most people protect their wheels by using wheel cleaners but in my opinion, the best way to protect your car is by using a wheel wax.

Wheel wax is used as a protective layer for wheels preventing brake dust and other road dirt from damaging your wheels.

The wheel wax also keeps your wheel clean longer because the wax prevents the brake dust from easily sticking to the wheels making it easy for you to remove the brake dust when you wash your car.

The wheel wax makes your wheels shine like new.

Finally, most people think that they don't need to use a wheel wax after they've used a wheel polish. When in fact, wheel wax is even more useful after you have polished your wheels. Why? Because you don't want to leave your wheels unprotected after you've put in a lot of effort in polishing the scratches and other surface impurities from your wheels. 

Polish and Wax

What amazes me about the Wheel Wax is that it also polishes your wheels. So it is a 2-in-1 product. It serves as a wax and also a polish.

How does it work? Basically, the product changes the surface polarity of your wheels to repel brake dust particles. But of course, the product can only minimize the brake dust, it will not totally repel the brake dust. Some brake dust will still stick to the wheel but you can easily remove it by washing it off.

Brake dust is usually hard to remove but if your wheel has been waxed, it would be a lot easier to remove the brake dust through washing. We recommend using a mild wheel cleaner to prevent it from washing off the wax from the wheels because we want the wax to stay on your wheels for as long as it can. Using a strong wheel cleaner will thin out the protective wax layer on your wheels. On average, the wax can stay on your wheels for a month or two depending on many conditions such as weather, type of road, usage and more.

How to apply the Wheel Wax

The basic steps are to wipe on the wax, let dry and wipe off -- that's it. But in full detail, please follow the instructions below.

  1. We recommend washing the wheels with a mild wheel cleaner that can extend the life of the wax on your wheels.
  2. Dry your wheels prior to application.
  3. Rub wheel wax directly on all four wheels with enough coats/layers and let it dry to haze.
  4. Go back to the first wheel your applied the wax on and remove the wax with a microfiber cloth.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The Wheel Wax is runnier than any other wax so it spreads easily and you don't have to use too much.
  • The wax dries quickly saving you time.
  • It minimizes brake dust keeping it cleaner longer than usual, not totally prevent them from sticking on your wheels.
  • Brake dust still sticks on your wheels, but it is much easier to wash them off.
  • Adds a shine on the wheels.
  • The coating seems to a last for about a month or two for some people. 
  • The wax smells nice.
  • The official website of WheelWax is offering Money Back Guarantee as they are confident that buyers will be satisfied with the product.
  • For most people, brake dust usually builds in just 3-4 days. But when this product is used, it will take longer for the brake dust to build up on your wheels.
  • The product is hard to remove after it has cured especially on wheels with intricate patterns or basket weave designs.
  • The product is quite pricey for what it does since you can get similar results from more affordable wheel waxes.
  • The product easily wears off with rain.
  • The most common complaint about this product is that the wax is hard to remove. Some even use a buffer just to remove the wax residue. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Editor Rating: 4/5

The Wheel Wax is pretty popular in many online shopping websites. It's estimated average rating is 4.0 - 4.5 out of 5 stars. The most common reason why it couldn't get a higher rating is because the wax is such as a hassle to remove or wipe off from the wheels.

Buy or not buy? I highly recommend this product to all car owners, it is a necessity. If you care so much about your car, you would want to buy this product to protect your wheels and use it for as long as you can. And in my opinion, it will make life easier for you because cleaning your wheels will require little effort.