Duragloss 903 Car Wash Concentrate - 64 fl. oz. Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

I will be reviewing another great product today - that is the Duragloss 903 Car Wash Concentrate - 64 Fl. oz.

Just a little background about the company. It's a product of the Brothers Research Corp, a company founded by Dr. William and his brother Jerry in 1975. Duragloss, their first product, was formulated to provide a convenient car wash that results into a very durable gloss and shine on a car surface.

Cleans and shines

The product is formulated out of mild surfactants and cleaners that are pH balanced which does not contain acids or alkali to make sure that the product is safe on car surfaces.

In my opinion, this is one of those car washes that cleans excellently and provides a noticeable shine on car surfaces without damaging the sealant at an affordable price. This basically sums up the total performance of this product.

This product is also available in these sizes: 1 gallon and 16 oz.

However, I would recommend pouring this product in a bucket as it performs excellently on handwash. On a foam wash, the foam is one of the thickest out there but it runs off the car easily.

The product description basically says 1 ounce per 3 gallons of water. But to remove oil and tar or if you want to use it on heavily soiled vehicles, you would need to use a stronger concentration.

The company basically brags about their product as a shine enhancer, paint protection with minimal drying which is pretty much what the product does in actual. I can say that the product is well promoted and as described by the company.

Watch the performance of this product in this video:

Advantages and disadvantages

  • pH balanced
  • Liquid solution is thick
  • Nice cherry scent
  • Can be used in foam guns, hand wash and all professional car wash equipment
  • Very thick and dense foam in a foam gun and in a bucket.
  • There's a slick feel to the water before you agitate it and to the foam
  • Easy to rinse.
  • Excellent hand wash as it results into a nice finish and removed contaminants
  • Good job in removing contaminants
  • Does not degrade the sealant
  • Leaves a nice shine
  • A bit expensive
  • Foam runs off the car quickly
  • Little lubrication on foam

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it pH balanced?

Is this soap biodegradable?

How does it smell?

What is the dilution ratio if I want to remove the old wax?

Can it be used in a pressure washer/foam gun?

Editor Rating: 4/5

This is a great car wash on a hand bucket wash. It produces slick and thick foams. In terms of cleaning power, it is excellent. It does not leave any residue and makes your car look glossier. The reason why I did not give a 5 of a 5-star rating is because the product has an average performance on a foam gun. That is my only complaint about the product. Other than that, it is great.

Buy or not buy: Well most people usually clean their cars in a hand wash. In my opinion, foam guns are mostly used by professionals or car detailing shops or anyone who has a car wash business. This is good to have in a home with a car. I highly recommend this to those who uses bucket hand wash or to those who like to hand wash their cars. You know some people actually enjoys hand wash. Some people likes hand wash because they want to be able to get their hands on their car surfaces instead of relying on the foam gun to do all the work. So overall, this product is very useful for the hand-bucket car wash.