Meguiar's MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

As you know, some contaminants especially the bonded ones cannot be removed by just using a car wash shampoo. Car defects such as swirls, scratches, and oxidation have to be polished to smooth the surface of the car. I used to pay car detailers to polish my car because it's such a long, tiring and complicated process. If I polish my car by hand, the outcome is average, non-satisfying.

The reason why car detailers do a better job at polishing a car is because they use car polishers. It looks complicated, it seems that only professionals should use this kind of tool but with Meguiar's MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher, you will realize that you can actually polish your car conveniently using this equipment at home by yourself like a pro.

Polish by hand vs Polisher

Meguiar's are known for actually coming up with products and tools that will help car owners take care of their cars by themselves and it is so great to be able to have this ability instead of relying on a car detailer. Furthermore, you can get more up close and personal with your car. You get to do whatever you want and have more control over your car.

So why do we need this product? (1) We need to remove bonded contaminants and other hard to remove defects from the car surface like swirls, scratches, and oxidation because aside from the fact that they look dirty, they are also damaging on your car surface. (2) We can polish the car by hand, however, there is a higher possibility that the car wasn't fully polished.

By using a car polisher, you can save money, time and energy while fully-polishing your car.

Beginner's choice

Here are the primary reasons why this product is perfect for beginners:

Ergonomic - The tool is lightweight and the size is just right. It is easy to handle and maneuver. Weight: 5.4 pounds. Size: 18.4 x 6.2 x 4.9 inches.

Multi-Position D-Handle - Easy to handle whichever hand you prefer to use.

Billet Counterweight with Multi-Bearing Design - Operates smoothly and balanced with great durability.

Digital Torque Management (DTM) - Torque is easily adjusted to maintain the speed level.

Thumb Adjustable Speed Dial - The wide 3000-7500 OPM (orbits per minute) speed range makes polishing fast and highly effective. The orbital throw of the machine is 8mm.

Replaceable Brushes - Easy to changes brushes using the side ports which are easy to access.

Soft Start - This is the feature that most buyers loved the most about this product. This feature provides an easy start for the user and prevents the product from splattering all over.

What you need:

Meguiar's MT300 Pro Power DA Polisher

Buy these separately:

  • 5 Inches Soft Buff DA Backing Plate (DBP5)
  • Foam Pad Disc
  • Compound, Polish and Wax Car Products
  • Microfiber Towel

Before you use the polisher:

  1. Prepare the paint surface by washing and drying the vehicle to remove loose contaminants.
  2. Clay your vehicle if necessary to remove bonded contaminants. Purchase a clay kit to do this process.
  3. Securely attach the 5 inches Soft Buff DA Backing Plate (DBP5) with a wrench.
  4. Check the condition of your paint:
    • Neglected condition - If the paint has moderate swirls, scratches, stains, water spots, oxidation, and stains, complete all 3 steps: Compound, Polish then Wax.
    • Average condition - If the paint has light swirls, scratches, and oxidation, complete the last 2 steps: Compound then Wax.
    • New or like-new condition - If the paint has good gloss, no swirls or oxidation, complete the last step which is Wax.

Watch the video to see how to use the polisher



  1. Dispense a small amount of Meguiar's Ultimate Compound on a clean Red Foam Cutting Disc (DFC5)
  2. Set speed to 5800 OPM.
  3. Work in 2x2 feet section and apply 3-4 overlapping passes using moderate pressure, moving the pad slowly across the paint. Do not allow the product to dry and re-apply as needed.
  4. Wipe off residue using a microfiber towel.


  1. Dispense a small amount of Meguiar's Ultimate Polish on a clean Yellow Foam DA Polishing Disc (DFP5).
  2. Set speed to 4800 OPM.
  3. Work in 2x2 feet section and apply 2-3 overlapping passes using moderate pressure, moving the pad slowly across the paint. Do not allow the product to dry.
  4. Wipe off residue using a microfiber towel.


  1. Dispense a small amount of Meguiar's Ultimate Wax on a clean Black Foam DA Polishing Disc (DFF5).
  2. Set speed to 3800 OPM.
  3. Apply 2 overlapping passes using light pressure. Apply more as needed until it has a thin even coat.
  4. Cure for 3-5 minutes and perform the swipe test using your finger. If it streaks, it needs more time to cure.
  5. If clear, remove the wax from the vehicle using a microfiber towel.


  • Tighten the backing plate.
  • Center the pad.
  • Try to start at lower settings.
  • Monitor pressure allowing backing plate to continue spinning. Keep pad flat on the paint.
  • Clean disk or pad using compressed air or soft nylon brush.
  • Work small areas (2-foot section at a time with 3-5 overlapping passes) Divide panels in half or third and work in sections to keep the process effective, fast and use less product.
  • Follow user's manual carefully.
  • Contact Meguiar's customer service team at 800-347-5700 for further help.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Very sturdy and durable
  • Good grip, lightweight and comfortable in user's hands
  • Better balance
  • Just the right size
  • It has a chart on the unit for speed recommendations depending on the task
  • Soft start feature helps in making sure that it doesn't splatter the product all over
  • Thumb speed controller is great
  • The locking trigger button is great.
  • Maintains constant speed
  • Smooth operation, very little vibration.
  • Even and fast application
  • Removes contaminants with minimal effort
  • No problems with overheating
  • Affordable.
  • Great for both professionals and beginners.
  • Didn't come with a backing plate and pad
  • Can be a little noisy

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have a warranty?

How long is the power cable? 

Is the plug 2 or 3 prongs?

Can this unit adapt to 110v and 220 v?

How many watts does it use?

How many amps does it draw?

Does it come with the backing plate and pads?

How many pads do I need to do an entire vehicle?

Can I use a pad with a different brand?

Does it oscillate while rotating?

Is this orbital or circular?

How many millimeters is the orbital throw on this machine?

What is the noise level?

Editor rating: 4.8/5

We rated this product on multiple criteria such as those listed below:

Ergonomic styling - Is it light and easy to grip?
Safeness - Is the product safe for the user and the environment?
Easy to operate - Is it easy to start, maneuver and are the buttons easy to use?
Effectiveness - How well and easy was it remove contaminants and defects on the car surface?
Durability - How long can a person use the product? Was it easily damaged?

A very common complaint about this unit is the power cord or plug problem which were easily resolved by Meguiar's.

There were a few complaints stating that the product moved or vibrated erratically but those were mainly caused by the size of the pad and backing plate used by the buyer. Meguiar's clearly stated in the product description that the buyers should use 5" backing plate and pad.

Most buyers who are beginners couldn't believe or felt great that they were able to polish their cars by themselves easily. Professional detailers and buyers who've used other brands of polishers also enjoyed this product and stated how satisfied they were. They've also stated that they'd like to keep using the product and won't choose anything else.

I've personally gave a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars because the product does not include the backing plate and pad which are needed to start the polishing process. I did not give a lower rating because some buyers may already have a backing plate and pad so they're not forced to spend for something they already have.

Buy or not buy: I highly recommend this polisher to people who does not want to pay a car detailer to polish their cars, to those who wants to polish their own cars, to those who are tired of polishing their own cars, to those who are beginners in car detailing, to those who wants a simple car polisher and to those who are not happy with the polisher that they currently have. Besides, it doesn't hurt to try this product since it's very affordable. Normally, cheaper car polishers are not durable you'll end up spending for nothing.