Shurhold 3101 Dual Action Polisher Starter Kit Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

A little background on the Shurhold company. This company started in July 1973 in a garage, just like most car care companies. But what sets them apart is that this company seems to put more emphasis on boats and other marine vessels and watercrafts compared with other companies that concentrate more on cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This is probably because of the CEO, Barry Berhoff, is an avid boater. If you scroll down further, you'll see a video of him in a seminar for boaters where he demonstrates how to use the polisher.

With Shurhold 3101 Dual Action Polisher Starter Kit you can save a lot of money, effort and time in polishing your car or boat. The tool is inexpensive compared with the other polishers available in the market. The cost is lower compared to when you pay a car detailer to do the polishing for you. If you have been polishing by hand, the tool will make the job easier, faster, more enjoyable and with greater results. So as you can see, getting a polisher is very cost effective.

What is included in the kit?

Unlike other polishers, the Shurhold 3101 Dual Action Polisher Starter Kit already includes all the materials, parts and accessories you need to get started at a very affordable price. 

  • 1 dual action polisher
  • 1 pro polish wax bottle (16 oz) - This is a polymer-based formula without fillers or talc.
  • 1 pro polish foam pad (black, 6.5 inches in diameter) - This pad has a unique dimpled pattern that has two purposes. First, it lessens the friction and heat and second, it holds extra polish wax. This feature helps keep your pad cool and work effectively. Note: Wash the pad after use with soap and lukewarm water.
  • 1 microfiber towel - This is soft and gentle to prevent it from scratching the surface of your automobile. It is also a self-absorbent microfiber, so it easily absorbs water, dirt, moisture, grease and other contaminants.

Other included accessories: Canvas Bag, PU Quick Change Velcro Backing Plate, Wrench, D-Handle, Carbon Brush.

Easy to use

I know most of us are having second thoughts in owning a polisher because it looks complicated and it seems that it requires a higher skill level to use. The good news is Shurhold made this polisher primarily for home use, for beginners, dummies. So you don't have to worry about burning or scratching the surface of your vehicle. You don't have to study the tool to learn it. It is absolutely easy to use.

Unlike traditional rotary polishers, the Shurhold 3101 Dual Action Polisher is smaller, lightweight and easy to maneuver. It has great speed control to make sure that you won't put too much pressure and the tool isn't too fast to burn or scratch your vehicle.

Because of the tool's effectiveness, it received an award from National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) at 2009 The Marine Aftermarket Accessories Trade Show (MAATS) in the category: boat care, coatings, chemicals and maintenance tools. Yes, this tool is popular and well-liked by boaters because it provides protection from the sun and saltwater.


Random orbital action - There are two sets of motions on this tool which makes the tool move similar to hand a motion, only faster and on a regular speed which makes this tool safer, prevent swirl marks and burning while at the same time very effective.

Quick change backing plate - The hook and loop backing allows you to attach or change pad to the polisher easily and quickly

Adjustable "soft-touch" handle and head - This feature allows you to hold the tool easily and maneuver it without much hassle.

20 feet power cord - Probably the polisher with the longest power cord. This makes it easy for you to work on a big boat without getting tangled.

Built-in GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) - This is one of the primary reasons why this is highly recommended to boaters. When it gets submerged or shorted by water, it provides safe operation as it cuts off power to the unit.

6 variable speed settings - Everyone likes to be given options in handling or operating a system. With this tool, you have 6-speed options to choose. Please refer to the chart below to see the recommended speeds.

Detailed Specifications


1: 2500 OPM Waxing & Buffing
2: 3200 OPM Waxing & Buffing
3: 3900 OPM Polishing & Cleaning
4: 4600 OPM Polishing & Cleaning
5: 5500 OPM Removing paint defects and Swirls
6: 6500 OPM Removing paint defects and Swirls


Rated Voltage: 120V AC
Frequency: 60Hz
Rated Current: 4.2 Amp
Rated Power: 500 Watt


Backing Plate: 125 - 150mm ( 5" - 6" )
Pad size: 140 -165mm (5.5" - 6.5")
Net Weight: 2.2kgs (4.8Lbs)
Power Cord: 20feet w/ GFCI
Variable Speed: 2,500-6,500 OPM

How to use the polisher:


  1. Apply a polish wax on the foam pad.
  2. Place the pad flat on the surface of the boat or any automobile you have.
  3. Dab it a little bit and turn it on.
  4. Start in one corner and work on 2 x 2 area.
  5. Work across, then downwards.
  6. Once you get a nice haze, wipe it with a microfiber towel.

Click on this link to go to The Shurhold Official Website and click on the Instructions tab. Then, download the User Guide and Instruction Manual in PDF format.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Best value as it comes with the Pro Polish and other accessories.
  • Ergonomic - nice and easy to hold
  • Lightweight
  • Long power cord
  • Gets into smaller areas
  • Durable
  • The power switch is too sensitive. It is too easy to switch it off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have a warranty?

How heavy is the tool?

How long is the power cable?

How many watts does it use?

How many amps does it draw?

Can I use a pad with a different brand?

What is the pad size?

What is the backing plate size?

Can I use a liquid wax with a different brand? 

Editor rating: 5/5

We rated this product on multiple criteria such as those listed below:

Ergonomic styling - Is it light and easy to grip?
Safeness - Is the product safe for the user and the environment?
Easy to operate - Is it easy to start, maneuver and are the buttons easy to use?
Effectiveness - How well and easy was it remove contaminants and defects on the car surface?
Durability - How long can a person use the product? Was it easily damaged?

This product has a small number of reviews so far as expected from a dual action polisher. It seems that not a lot of people are exposed to this tool or are settling in polishing their vehicle by hand.

However, unlike other polishers, this product has very little low ratings. Most of the ratings it received are 5 stars coming from mostly novices, non-professionals and boaters.

There are no recurring complaints or highly negative comments. What surprised me is that most buyers are very satisfied with the product's durability. A number of people have used the tool for a couple of years and still counting.

And as expected, the buyers are very happy with the long power cord.

Buy or not buy: Buy! I only listed one disadvantage for this tool which is the "power switch" being too sensitive. It is a minor issue and is manageable. You can work around it by just getting yourself used to where the switch is on the tool. This tool has so many special features that you rarely see on other polishers. It is great for both beginners and car detailing professionals. And the kit is complete, high quality and affordable.