PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

What we are going to review today is the PORTER-CABLE 7424XP 6-Inch Variable-Speed Polisher which is the most popular dual action polisher in the market. It is also one of the cheapest. It is very popular online and very few negative feedback about this product. It just goes to show that this product is effective and has great quality.


  • Porter-Cable 7424XP random orbit polisher
  • Side handle
  • Wrench
  • 6-inch polishing pad
  • Operating instructions


This tool has the least power which is at 425.5 Watt primarily because it was designed to cater beginners or non-professionals preventing them from getting overwhelmed by a high-power machine. In this way, they won't burn their paint while using the tool.

The product is also designed as dual action/random-orbit for the very same reason - which is to allow a regular car owner to polish their car easily without having to acquire certain high-level skills.

It has 6-speed settings so they have several options to choose from depending on how much speed they can handle and what type of work they want to do.


Rated Current: 4.5 Amp
Rated Power: 425.5 Watt
Rated Voltage: 120 VAC
Frequency: 50-60 HZ


Type: Dual-action/Random-orbit
Gear drive: Spiral bevel
Dimension: 11.5 x 10.5 x 6 inches
Net Weight: 5.5 pounds
Power Cord: 10 feet
Wheel diameter: 6 inches
Pad size: 6 inches
Variable Speed: 2,500-6,800 OPM
Speed Settings: 6-speed settings
Spindle Thread: Accepts 5/16-24


A unique feature of this tool is its pre-installed counterweight. This feature allows you to have a balanced tool while polishing. This makes this tool easy to handle and will make your work less strenuous on your hand and arm.

It also has a removable 2-position side handle so you can use whichever hand you want to use. If you don't want to use the handle, you also have the option to remove it. This gives you better control in handling and maneuvering the machine.

However, unlike the other polishers, this machine does not have the "hook and loop" feature. The good news is that you can replace it with a hook and loop backing plate or velcro backing plate so that you can easily replace your pad.

It is great that the machine came with a pad, however, it easily rips off after a few hours of use. We recommend buying a more reliable pad so that you'll be able to continue with your work longer.

How to use the tool:

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Very cheap
  • Small size
  • Sturdy built
  • Thick long cable
  • A bit heavy for its size, but not the heaviest among all polishers
  • No backing plate
  • Polishing pad is unreliable, easily rips off
  • No hook and loop attachment

Frequently Asked Questions

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Does it have a hook and loop backing plate? 

Can I change the backing plate?

Does it come with a pad?

Can I change the pad?

How many watts does it use?

Does the pad turn clockwise or counter clockwise?

How many millimeter throw does this unit operate at?

Does it have a warranty?

Editor rating: 4.5/5

We rated this product on multiple criteria such as those listed below:

Ergonomic styling - Is it light and easy to grip?
Safeness - Is the product safe for the user and the environment?
Easy to operate - Is it easy to start, maneuver and are the buttons easy to use?
Effectiveness - How well and easy was it remove contaminants and defects on the car surface?
Durability - How long can a person use the product? Was it easily damaged?

I find this product to be a bit outdated in comparison with the other polishers we've reviewed although it has all the basic qualities that we need from a good polisher which are: durable exterior, easy to reach the switch, speed control, and long thick cord. Since the price is low, you are getting what you paid for. Still, I consider the product to be simple and ergonomic, it is safe with low power, easy to operate, and effective especially to those people who are novices when it comes to car detailing. I appreciate the fact that the product includes a pad however it is disappointing that it easily rips off. Might as well remove it out of the box to avoid disappointment or include a much better pad in the box. Since the price is low, I don't really feel that the company should include a pad since buyers would rather use a more reliable pad. After further research, I found that this tool isn't only used by car owners like us but is also used at home by women to perform everyday household chores like cleaning the front yard or windows.

Buy or not buy: I highly recommend this machine to homeowners and car users. It is extremely simple to use, safe and specifically designed for beginners and non-professionals. It is a good tool to have at home because the machine can be used not only on cars but on anything else that needs polishing. If you are tired of polishing your car by hand, you can use this tool to let the machine polish your car similar to a hand-motion. The only difference is you are polishing your car conveniently at a faster rate saving your energy and time.