Car Vacuum Cleaner High Power Wet Dry Dust Buster Hand Vac Pet Hair Remover Crumbs Cleaner 120W 4000PA with 5m Cable 12V Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Editor rating: 5/5

The value of this vacuum is one of the best in the market if you are strictly looking at the "car vacuum" category. This unit has all the features you want from a car vacuum cleaner.

Aside from the fact that it is the most inexpensive unit we've ever reviewed, it is also one of the "most powerful for its size" kind of vacuum. To power on the unit, just plug it into a DC 12V cigarette lighter port in a car where you will do your cleaning task.

It is small, lightweight and can easily be stored in your car. It comes with different accessories each with different purpose such as: short brush mouth for hair and wool fabric which are in my opinion the most difficult to suck up, a barge mouth for surface dust that can be difficult to remove because they can get really clingy to a surface, a soft long tube for hard to reach places or under your car seat, and a straight long mouth for corners. A transparent bagless canister with washable filter to easily clean the unit.

For a car vacuum cleaner, in my opinion, this is the best, most well-rounded, effective vacuum cleaner. You can also use this at home but just bare in mind that you'll need to buy an AC-DC car cigarette lighter socket adapter.

As a whole, this car vacuum cleaner can save you time, money, and trips to a car wash. You could use this instantly to vacuum spills in your car anytime you want to keep your car clean at all times wherever you go.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The most affordable vacuum cleaner we've come across so far.
  • Small, lightweight, portable, and handheld
  • Plug and Play: Easy to plug into a cigarette lighter port
  • Long power cord (can reach from the front of the car all the way to the back)
  • Easy to use
  • Wet and dry vacuum
  • Cyclonic action that keeps the filter clean and suction power constant
  • Transparent canister to easily see if the unit needs cleaning.
  • Easy to clean with a bagless design and washable filter and easy to put back together.
  • The switch is right where your hand is while holding the vacuum.
  • Powerful enough for light vacuum inside the car and for quick pickups.
  • A little noisy but all vacuums are anyway


  • Color: Yellow Gold
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds
  • Dimension: 13.78x3.54x3.35 in
  • Suction: 4000PA
  • Voltage: DC 12V cigarette lighter port in the car
  • Power: 120W
  • Power cord: 3.8 m/12.46 feet
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • 120W car vacuum cleaner
  • Brush
  • EVA Soft Tube
  • Hard Crevice
  • Hose connector
  • User manual


This vacuum has very simple features and yet it is very effective and convenient to use. Sold at a very affordable price and probably the most inexpensive in the market, it is hard to believe that this unit already includes a 12.4 feet power cord which allows you to go from the front to the back end of your car; a removable, washable, and reusable HEPA filter in a bagless transparent canister with cyclonic action which makes cleaning easy, prolongs the life of the filter, and maintains the unit's suction capability of 4000PA.

The unit already includes 4 different mouth sucking accessories: a short brush mouth specifically for hair and wool fabric, a barge mouth for surface dust, a soft long tube for hard to reach trash, and straight long mouth for garbages in deep corners. With all these accessories, the unit pretty much has every kind of tool needed to clean any type of light trash inside your car.

This vacuum was designed specifically to clean car interiors which is why it can only be plugged into a DC 12V cigarette lighter port. Buy if you would like to use this for household chores as well, you can by simply using an AC-DC car cigarette lighter socket adapter.

Car vacuum cleaner 120W 4000PA In Action


  1. Start the car.
  2. Insert the cigarette lighter plug into a DC 12V cigarette lighter port in the car.
  3. Use any of the four mouth sucking accessories.
  4. Push the switch button forward to start the vacuum.

How to Clean

  1. Press the switch to loosen the container.
  2. Air dry before reassembling the unit.


  • Buy an AC-DC car cigarette lighter socket adapter to plug the vacuum into a wall outlet.
  • The instruction says the unit should not be used over 30 minutes to prevent the motor from burning out.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to open the unit for cleaning?