3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System Review

  • Written by: William Copper

The 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System is a complete, affordable, and efficient headlight cleaning and restoration system. Founded over a century ago, 3M is a scientifically based manufacturer that specializes in anything from office supplies and adhesives, health care highway safety products, all the way to various automotive restoration and cleaning products.

If you have a drill at home (preferably 1200-1600 rpm for ease of use) and are willing to apply the necessary efforts and labor required, you’ll have like-new, crystal clear headlights in no time. Because this headlight lens restoration kit includes drill-friendly trizact disc variations of each grit necessary to clean and buff your lenses, a headlight lens polish and rubbing compound along with a helpful guide this is an all-around package that is sure to get your car back on the road, safe, and shining like it should.

While a fair number of people may not favor or want to be required to use a drill – as such requires experience – it’s understandable why some might hesitate to purchase and use this product. However, whether it’s a neighbor or trusted and experienced family member, all the way to learning yourself online through helpful videos and tutorials customers are certain that it isn’t nearly as hard as it looks. And thanks to 3M, you have more than enough material on each disc, as well polish to have a bit extra should you make a mistake, overuse, or even spill the cleaning and polishing agent. 

Look at how-to video:

Outlasting the Results of the Competition

Customers have provided positive feedback and experiences expressing how in both very hot, sunny, and cold or even snowy environments that using this lens restoration system – along with a bit of Headlight (UV protectant) Sealant – goes a long way and on average lasts between 1-3 years. This, of course, depends on the environment and your overall maintenance, but with other leading competitors in headlight restoration and protection systems requiring monthly or annual applications the 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System definitely stands out and sets the bar high.

Vehicle owners that have just purchased their car, all the way to 10 year or older vehicles equally benefit from using this headlight lens restoration system. Though it should be kept in mind that dependent upon the condition of each headlight (or taillight) the total time required, or a secondary treatment later on might be necessary.

Real Before and After Pictures

Look at how the result of one of the customers looks like:

If you want to read full experience - click here - thanks to user: Chronic_AllTheThings.

How long will the restoration take?

While the instructions state it should take about 30 minutes, some have reported 30 minutes per light, and others one hour or more. But, it’s not only about the condition of your car, but also your experience with a power drill, using the polish, and applying the necessary – not too much and not too little pressure – to get the job done right. Plenty of happy 3M customers have expressed it may take more than one try, and that’s not a problem – or it shouldn’t be. After all, the hundreds of dollars or more you save as opposed to having this professionally done or replacing your headlights altogether should outweigh the time and efforts required with this headlight restoration product.

Content of this kit

  • disc pad holder
  • soft interface pad
  • 6pc sanding discs
  • 4pc finishing discs
  • trizact disc
  • headlight lens polish / rubbing compound
  • buffing pad
  • directions

The 3M 39008: What makes it Different?

This product was designed to be completed with your headlights on or off, and effectively treats headlight lenses of all types, no matter the brand – including those which are circular and ‘protrude’ from the front of your vehicle. This is often seen with SUV’s, BMW’s, Acuras, or other foreign cars. This also includes headlights that are after-market (OEM) or not ‘stock’.

Thanks to including nearly all the necessary parts, tools, cleaners and polish, complexity and energy are minimized, making it an overall effective and efficient headlight restoration kit. Through using this product you will also observe how (and if) the silicone coating on your headlights have worn down, along with how to properly buff out, and restore your headlights from ‘micro cracks’ – or the ditches as described earlier from rocks and other debris on the road or even hail. To sweeten the deal, your familiarity, and flexibility in trying out the product for yourself can benefit from any of the three various versions of this kit.

So while the 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System doesn't include masking tape, if you wish to include this in your kit the 3M 39014 Lens Renewal Kit does include the necessary 3M protective tape. Lastly, should you wish to also have a container of protectant formula included, the 3M 39045 Lens Renewal Kit with Protectant will likely suit you best, save you time, and as far as competing products go in quality undoubtedly save you money.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • This headlight lens restoration system includes not only the necessary sandpaper (discs) for getting the job done and buffing through various stages and layers of your headlights but also has extras just in case.
  • Using this kit the right way, taking your time, following the steps, and proper power-drill technique will nearly guarantee the desired results, restoring your headlight lenses to a sparkling, near crystal clear cosmetic appearance – as well as increased performance in light output.
  • Product is a very effective, practical solution for cleaning and restoring your headlights lenses from various types of wear and damage. Just remember, the real polishing and restored cosmetic appearance does not appear until the final step, but once complete is sure to leave you satisfied.
  • Some customers have expressed concern that using a product like this will scrape away the ultraviolet coating on your headlights. However, in most instances with damaged headlight lenses said coat is long gone, and this optimizes your ability to restore each headlight to as near as possible a ‘brand-new’ condition.
  • Some customers have complained that even after following the steps as instructed that the desired results weren't achieved. This, however, brings up the point again of how important it is to know how to properly follow the steps, use a power drill, and have the necessary patience and willingness to really work as hard as necessary to restore your headlight lenses to their original condition as each vehicle can greatly vary.
  • For customers that do not have much experience in using a headlight cleaner and restoration kit it can be both discouraging and incomplete for a customer to stop half-way through or toward the end of the buffing process only to find that their lenses are now more blurry than when first starting – naturally, because of the cleaner, sanded layers, dirt, and grime. Therefore, it’s critical that you follow each step all the way through to the end, so you can benefit and enjoy the results that so many happy 3M customers have reported through using this kit and multi-step headlight restoration system.

Frequently Asked Questions

If need be, is there enough supplies with this kit to apply it twice?

What if I’m not experienced with using a power drill and can’t use this kit?

What if this system is too long and I don’t have the time necessary?

Buy or not to buy ? The 3M 39008 Headlight Restoration System is an effective step by step process, ensured by quality, durable premium grade drill-friendly discs which maximize the necessary steps to remove dust, dirt, muck, grime, salt, and anything else that has accumulated over time – including UV ray damage. So those that live in more harsh weather conditions or have headlights that have been neglected for a long time, or are just simply looking to ‘renew’ it’s appearance and light output ability the 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System is a very effective product.

Each individual vehicle headlight and their condition will typically dictate how long, how much effort and the likely results consumers will experience. Consumer’s find comfort in using the 3M Headlight Restoration kit as it comes with extras of nearly every part or tool (minus a power drill) you’ll need during this process. Kit is also trusted and effective for use on motorcycle windshields, trailers, and even marine vehicles and the results reported by consumers are majority quite positive.

While no headlight cleaner and restoration kit can last forever, the 3M 39008 is at the top of the markets leading kits, and is hailed by customer feedback as a DIY-Kit that provides professional results for a fraction of the cost.