Meguiar's G2000 Perfect Clarity Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit Review

  • Written by: William Copper

If you’re in the market for an effective spray and scrub system that will clear the oxidation build up, wear, and tear of the road from your headlights then the Meguiars G2000 Headlight Restoration Kit is a great solution for you.

Using this two-step process is considerably effortless in comparison to other competing products and ones that require a multi-stage buffing system or tools. Customers enjoy the Meguiar’s Headlight Restoration Kit because it effectively does what designed for and produces results in an efficient, practical way.

One of the biggest attractions of this headlight restoration kit is how swiftly – under 30 minutes or less – and conveniently it can be applied for fast maximum results. The process is basic, and included with this kit is an effective ‘buffing’ sponge that’s designed to scrub out any UV-damage (thanks to the soap solvent included) such as yellowing, browning, dirt buildup, and even minor scratches from pebbles or other projectiles on the road scraping and scratching away at your headlights. This can severely restrict your line of view and light output over time if left untreated.

Because the Meguiar's G2000 Perfect Clarity Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit is made with a 2-step system, hazing and other seemingly ‘more complex’ deterioration or wear on your headlights become less intimidating. Car owners are pleased with how effective this soap, scrub, and spray wax sealant really is. A lot of both experienced and first time users of headlight restoration kits reported that not only in comparison, but that they’ve even gone on to use this product after unsatisfactory results from using a previous poduct by using this simple to apply, multi-step cleaning, buffer, repeat, and wax sealant system.

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A "Buffing-Compatible" Product

While the Meguiar's G2000 Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit is designed as a 2-step system, it indeed eses a ‘buffing’ process, but with the included sponge it’s much simpler to get done. While the majority of reviews and feedback for this headlight restoration kit are positive, it’s always important to examine and appreciate the required labor for ‘buffing out’ imperfections – such as light scratches or UV damage.

For example, while this headlight restoration kit will give you the dazzling, sparkling results you were wanting and increased light output performance accompanying this process with sandpaper applications or using a drill and accompanying pads – such as the Meguiar's G3500 DA Power System Tool– may save you time and effort.

If your cars headlights are especially blurry, have considerable UV damage, yellowing, or it feels like this initial application or secondary application didn’t give you the results you wanted, it could be due to a lack of necessary ‘elbow grease’ or the necessity for a more ‘abrasive’ (though safe) approach. If you do decide to accompany this headlight restoration process with such a tool, or that you want to start with some stronger buffing power, then something like the Meguiar's G3500 DA Power System Tool makes sense.

Using the "drill-buffing" method with included buffing discs is more effective with compounding the cleaning chemicals, improving and removing swirls, oxidation, scratches, and even water spots. It also takes a more aggressive approach removing any 'fine' swirls remaining, adds to the effects of applying deep gloss, and also enriches dark colors while polishing. Lastly, if you use something like this - as well as the Meguiar's G2000 Perfect Clarity Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit - you maximize long-lasting protection through the sealant, enhance the shine, and ensure a more long lasting protection. This is really valuable, and again does not discredit the reality that similar results can be obtained using the Meguiar’s G2000 headlight restoration system, but rather, we’re just in the business of helping you keep your options open and preserve your energy and time when possible.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Product is designed to effectively treat mild to moderate oxidation and UV damage on your vehicle's headlights.
  • This restoration kit is reliant on a specially formulated cleaning agent that is designed to absorb and wipe away most tough dirt, grime, and UV discoloration. In minor to moderate cases of acrylic scratches and ‘ditches’ from rocks on the road the soap in combination with the last step of polishing and applying sealant can help ‘fill in’ these gaps if buffed out properly with the included sponge.
  • The Meguiar’s G2000 Kit is designed to also effectively clean and scrub away other moisture build up like water marks, or swirls on your headlight lenses. Nearly all customers have reported ‘crystal-like’, near brand-new appearance and increased light output performance after using both steps of this system.
  • For those with severe oxidation in their headlight lenses, UV damage, or scratches on its acrylic lenses a significant amount of added labor is likely when using the included sponge with this kit. This is why a product like the Meguiar's G3500 DA Power System Tool is recommended for such instances – as it takes the added labor and energy necessary out of the equation for those with more severe cases.
  • Some car owners find it inconvenient to have to apply multiple applications of the cleaner or polish. In severe cases, multiple steps or additional cleaner is necessary, and as this kit comes with a generous amount of extra cleaner you can use just the right amount necessary. However, If customers do not use enough pressure while scrubbing away at their headlights outer layer with this sponge – or the ‘ditches’ and scratches are too deep – it will not be as effective as some may hope for. In such cases, at minimum, sandpaper is recommended, preferably starting with 600-grit, all the way up to 1200-grit as-needed.
  • Unfortunately, for those with severe UV damage, oxidation, deep scratches, and fog built up or watermarks inside the lenses it can be difficult to remove the dirty, clogged look they have. A product that uses micro-abrasive technology that is designed for vehicles yet safe enough to even use on your vehicles paint, such as the Meguiar's G17216 Ultimate Compound - 15.2 oz. is very effective in these types of situations. This product also has very positive feedback and can be the solution to both scratches, indentations, and even severe UV damage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If it rains after I use this will I have to repeat the steps?

If I’ve applied the final protective coat and it appears to be "dripping" should I be worried?

Both sides of the pad look similar, how do I know which side to use to buff out blemishes and clean with?

Our rating 5/5

The Meguiar's G2000 Kit is an excellent choice if you are looking to save time, money, and maximize the cleaning and restoration of your headlight or taillight lenses. This kit has extremely positive feedback from customers and plenty of before and after photos to support it.

Thanks to its trusted reputation and experience in this product market, and it’s seemingly convenient, fast, and effective system we give the The Meguiar's G2000 Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit a 5 out of 5 Stars for performance, usability, and reliability. There are no visible reasons to be apprehensive about investing in this headlight restoration kit, and given it’s simple to use, the 2-step system it’s definitely competitive with similar products and systems on the market. The only "inconvenience" or exception per say is that, as with any other headlight cleaning and restoration kit, may it be a liquid-based system, with or without the use of sandpaper that this, along with the use of a power drill will always be superior in terms of exerted energy and efficiency in the case of severe wear or damage to your headlight lenses.

However, not everyone has a power drill, nor the time or energy for such a lengthy process. But, in efforts to remain competitive, Meguiar’s still offers and has alternative – the Meguiar's G3000 Heavy Duty Headlight Restoration Kit – which is just that, built for heavy-duty cleaning for tough UV damage, scratches, or indentations that would require such a thorough buffing outside of using the included sponge with this product or sandpaper.

Buy or not to buy ? If you’re looking for an effective, affordable, and reputable headlight cleaning and restoration kit then the Meguiar’s G2000 Headlight Restoration Kit is hands down the perfect solution. It is designed to be used with less effort in comparison to systems that rely on sandpaper or power drills and includes a useful, effective sponge as reported by consumers that aids in the process of ‘buffing’ down discoloring and blemishes.

To add to the overall convenience of this Meguiar’s headlight restoration system, it takes typically less of the cleansing agent than you might think, and in most cases, you’ll have more than enough leftover sealer spray for re-applications now, later on, or even for your other vehicles. The price appears justified with this product, and given Meguiar’s lengthy (and global) reputation for experience and producing premium - and most importantly effective - auto cleaning products this is definitely a kit worth giving a shot.

Many happy consumers claim that the secret, most effective part of this process is step two, is it’s proprietary blend of chemicals that are designed to safely, while effectively ‘balance’ the acrylic outer layers of your headlights, while giving it the shine necessary to increase your headlight output and overall cosmetic renewal.

Meguiar’s is a popular automotive products brand, is well trusted, and in consideration of the amazing results and repeat customers of this headlight restoration kit we give it the thumbs up.