BG44K Fuel System Cleaner Review

  • Written by: William Copper

The BF44K Fuel System Cleaner is a great product for cleaning and restoring the functionality of fuel injectors, intake valves, and restoring functionality of combustion chambers. The BG44k product belongs to a category of fuel injector cleaners – read HERE to learn more about how they generally work.

BG44K: Restoring functionality of Your Fuel System

Your vehicle’s fuel system can become clogged with carbon deposits, varnish, and moisture over time which can dramatically decrease performance and even cause engine failure. If you’re experiencing engine hesitation, trembling, or stalling then it’s likely necessary to clean your fuel injectors, pump, or spark plugs. Though there could be many reasons behind these problems, it’s often directly associated with poor fuel system and oil maintenance. Although no fuel system cleaning product is designed to replace or restore functionality of your vehicle when maintenance has been neglected, the BG44K Fuel System Cleaner is designed to replenish and restore functionality of major fuel system parts including your engine.

If your fuel injectors are becoming stuck open due to dirty injectors, pistons, or carburetors the negative effects can range between lower fuel efficiency all the way to complete engine failure (stalling). BG44K is a popular, non-corrosive and harm-free choice as it does not use any alcohol-additives which mean the cleaner can move through your fuel system and engine more smoothly.

Let's have a look how this product cleans deposits directly captured from engine ( low quality footage but you will get the point ):

BG44K composition / ingredients

This table of ingredients is based on MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets.

Ingredient name %

Naptha (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy

15 - 40
Stoddard solvent 10 - 30
Solvent naphtha (petroleum), light arom. 1 - 5
1,2,4-trimethylbenzene 0.5 - 1.5
ethylbenzene 0.1 - 1


BG44K Works to Reverse and Treat the Effects of Ethanol

The use of ethanol (fuel) in your vehicle over time builds up unwanted, harmful carbon deposits that stick onto and directly interfere with the process of your entire fuel system. Because BG44K uses natural ingredients and excludes alcohol it is able to more efficiently remove and flush out unwanted ethanol, carbon deposits, and moisture.

The BG44K product with its similar cleaning products rely on High Flash Naptha to bond with, deteriorate, and flush harmful chemical build-up from your fuel system. High Flash Naptha is used to slowly and safely evaporate harmful chemicals from your fuel system. Often these carbon and sulfur build-ups make their way into your engine over time and can cause hesitation or rough startups, trembling, and even stalling.

High Flash Naptha is known as a ‘retardant’ which means that it improves the flow of other compatible chemicals, in this case, such as fuel, oil, and moisture. If you have a diesel vehicle needing this type of cleaning you will want to consider selecting a product such as the BG244 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner which is both equally effective and safe for your vehicle.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The BG44K Fuel System Cleaner is designed to clean and condition your fuel system, including as pistons, carburetors, and fuel injectors. The BG44K is effective at cleaning and restoring performance of your pistons in particular, which is not something every fuel system cleaner can do.
  • Using the BG44K Fuel System Cleaner serves a dual purpose of both cleaning and conditioning your fuel system, in turn, also restoring the functionality of your engine. Because of its dual purpose, you have the benefit of a more aromatic scent that will emit from your engine. This is a desirable and added benefit, as often bad smells from the engine or burning fluids can make your garage smell unkindly.
  • Using the BG44K Fuel System Cleaner consistently every few thousand miles is proven to increase fuel economy (MPG).
  • If you have let your vehicle sit too long, have not performed regular maintenance, and left fuel to build-up carbons in your vehicle over time it is likely this product will not work. Serious problems can arise in particular with your pistons and carburetor due to harmful carbon deposits and dirt over time – not to mention ethanol. Sometimes, it’s necessary to completely replace your fuel tank, injectors, pistons, or more.
  • It may take multiple applications of the BG44K Fuel System Cleaner to experience these positive changes in smell. In some cases, it could not be possible, due to carbon deposits, dirt, and waste build up in your system over time. Even through the conditioning process, if your engine is burning oil and other carbons, you may not experience the nice conditioning smell of this product.
  • Not remaining consistent with treatments or other underlying issues and clogging in your engine oil or fuel injectors can prevent such a positive change in fuel efficiency. It may be necessary to change your fuel filter, engine oil, or replace other small or major parts of either fuel or engine systems in some cases.


We have bought BG 44K in a set for complete cleaning and restoration of your engine. It consists from:

Packed together looks like this:

Frequently Asked Questions

I replaced my fuel tank and had fuel injectors professional cleaned. Why does this product still not work to improve hesitation or “jerks” when accelerating?

I used the BG44K Fuel System Cleaner product in my vehicle after an oil and oil filter change but now I’m having problems and clogging in my fuel system. Why?

Can I use the BG44K on my BMW or Mercedes?

BG44K Fuel System Cleaner: Consumer Ratings

The BG44K Fuel System Cleaner is a popular product because the BG brand is very well known and respected. The BG44K is very effective, flexible for most vehicles, and can be effective in as little as one to two applications. If you’re experiencing very serious and inconvenient challenges with your vehicle such as engine surges, hesitation, or stalling then this is a great product to try out. BG has manufactured numerous fuel system and engine cleaning products. This includes a product specifically designed for compression improvement in the engine. Engine Compression and cleaning products are significant as compressive effects fuel efficiency, engine power, and acceleration or throttle response, idling RPM’s, and more. If you happen to be experiencing problems in any of these particular areas it’s worthwhile to also check out the Bg109 BG EPR Engine Performance Restoration.

Buy or not to buy ? If you regularly use your vehicle, drive long distance, or have a lot of wear and tear on your engine and fuel system then the BG44K is a great, fuel system cleaning and conditioning solution. The BG brand is constantly growing in popularity and has even created an engine oil supplement called the BG MOA (Part #110) Engine Oil.

Vehicle owners and mechanics trust and recommend the BG44K product. They are also popular because they have various available options for accompanying fuel system cleaners, as they are catalytic converter and oxygen sensor friendly. Many products do not meet these guidelines, set off false sensors, or even clog and stick open fuel injectors. Competing products do not offer such a specific solution for cleaning combustion chambers, ports, or intake valves and many use ingredients that are harmful to your system. The BG44K and BG brand is a premium product for a premium price.