7 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners for 2019

  • Written by: William Copper

Today’s average fuel injector cleaner is made from natural, synthetic ingredients such as distillates, petroleum, and PEA (polyether amine). Some companies have decided to manufacture fuel injector cleaners that do not use PEA as an attempt to create safer, more effective products that are less abrasive. Although PEA is an effective ingredient for fuel injector cleaners, it often depends on the current condition of your fuel injector, engine, and vehicle. Techron, a fuel injector cleaner strongly based on Polyether Amines (PEA) was originally developed by Chevron and is very popular in today’s auto-parts market.

While there are alternatives to PEA such as PBA (polybutene amine), PEA proves to be a safer, neutral solution to improve both drive performance and the balance of fuel to methanol ratio. This helps to prevent engine failure or damage. Other products are made of naphtha or pale oil, which are also effective and serve as a natural, non-abrasive solution for cars that may need special attention or delicate ingredients.

Fuel Injector Cleaners: Who should use them?

As each vehicle will vary in condition, type of use, and fuel used (diesel for example), the necessity for different types of fuel injector cleaners should become understandable. Many consumers have found the products mentioned below to be effective at treating, restoring, and preventing carbon deposits, moisture, and varnish buildup in their vehicles. This includes many at-home maintenance vehicles from lawn mowers to snow blowers and even fuel powered generators. Because of flexibility to be used on various types of vehicles, it is evident that the technology of fuel injector cleaners has evolved substantially.

Vehicles that have been sitting for a long time or frequently driven in cold conditions will accumulate moisture build-up, dirt, and carbon deposits over time. This can cause clogging and destroy critical parts of both your engine and fuel injectors. Failure to start your vehicle due to a seized engine or clogged fuel line are all possibilities when a vehicle is not properly maintained.

How do Fuel Injector Cleaners Work?

The accumulation of moisture, carbon deposits, and sulfur in your fuel injectors will clog fuel lines, carburetors, injectors, combustion chambers, and your intake valves. Each of these parts is critical to the smooth, efficient operation of your vehicle which includes fuel economy (MPG). The chemicals and enzymes in fuel injector cleaners are designed to expel harmful, build-up from your vehicle in the exhaust system. Fuel injector cleaners use neutral, safe, and synthetic non-abrasive ingredients to do this, often made from similar ingredients and oils used in other common fuels and vehicles.

Failure to regularly clean and maintain both your fuel injectors and the engine can lead to vehicle performance issues, from poor acceleration to idling, throttle response and even stalling. Fuel injector cleaners that don't rely on ingredients like PEA or alcohol are usually made with natural, proven to work ingredients such as pale oil and naphtha. These ingredients are designed to naturally remove carbon, moisture, and sulfur build-up in a neutral way that won't harm your fuel injectors or engine.

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What should I look for in a Fuel injector Cleaner?

When considering which fuel injector cleaner is right for you, look for the following product characteristics:

  • If you’re going to select a fuel injector cleaner that uses PEA (polyether amines) as its main ingredient then it’s critical you ensure it has at least 30%. Between 30-50% PEA is most desirable, and anything lower than this will likely be too diluted to have desirable effects.
  • For those who regularly drive in a cold climate, it’s important to select a fuel injector cleaner that is specifically designed with such for this. Some of these will be fuel injector cleaners that are made of synthetic, natural, or organic ingredients. Using these ingredients ensures the necessary fluidity for such tough climates.
  • Avoid fuel injector cleaners that contain or are known for promoting sulfur build-up. Most often those with alcohol can cause this, as well as some fuel injector cleaners made for diesel vehicles.
  • Select a fuel injector cleaner that is designed for not only cleaning your fuel injectors and restoring functionality, but also preventing future moisture, carbon, and debris builds up. Those that are listed as “conditioners” are desirable, as they provide an added sense of both security and restorative properties.
  • If possible, purchase a cleaner that increases compression while withstanding higher temperatures, as your engine gets very hot and this can cause wear or even damage in the long run of your fuel injectors and engine.

Let's have a look at our top selection:


Product Our Rating
Chevron 65740 Techron
Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron
Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
Sea Foam SF-16
Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
Lucas 10013
Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
BG44K Fuel System Cleaner Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
Red Line 60103
Red Line 60103 Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE
Berryman 0116 B-12
Berryman 0116 B-12 Chemtool Carburetor/Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner Review thumbnail FULL REVIEW HERE BUY HERE

1. Chevron’s 65740 Techron Fuel injector Cleaner: An all-around Top Rated Product

Chevron’s Techron 65740 Concentrate Plus is one of the most popular fuel injector cleaners in today’s market. Originally designed for BMW, Techron has been tested and scientifically approved, Techron is used and trusted by mechanics and consumers across the globe. Techron 65740 Concentrate Plus, in particular, has been reviewed, approved, and even hailed on national television for its advanced-technology solvents and preventative ingredients which preserve the condition of your fuel injectors. This product has also been reported to be effective in as little as one to two applications.

Chevron originally developed the Techron product to substitute the use of PBA (polybutene amine), as this was found to be unnatural and even abrasive in some instances, damaging or clogging fuel injectors and your engine over time. The 65740 Techron fuel injector cleaner serves a dual purpose of both cleaning and restoring combustion chambers, as well as intake valves and fuel injectors. The combustion chambers inside of your vehicle are responsible for the mixture of oxygen to fuel, and without these, the engine cannot function properly or feed power when you accelerate.

If you’re experiencing or would like to avoid spark plug fouling and sulfur buildup this is a great product, and can even be used on flex fuel such as E85. With this, it’s understandable why the Techron 65740 product is great for high mileage vehicles and everyday commuters. It has also proven useful in larger vehicles from SUV’s, trucks, and even watercraft.

Chevron’s 65470 Techron fuel injector cleaner receives a great rating from us as it’s not only a premium fuel cleaning solution backed by science and consumer feedback one with a Chevron guarantee. This is not something most manufacturers provide, but a company that stands behind their product is likely to stand behind their customers as well. The product is unique in that it uses newer technology, safe, less abrasive chemicals and an all-around solution to most fuel injector related challenges. Regardless of if your vehicle is newer or older, Techron 65740 has proven itself to be worthy of treating nearly any type of vehicle.

2. Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner: Quality for Cost

The Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injector cleaner is a very reputable, popular product that provides an all-around great deal for the money spent. This fuel injector cleaner is a worthwhile investment which treats, cleans, and prevents varnish, carbon build-up, and moisture. It’s also designed to effectively treat clogging and moisture build up in your vehicles fuel pipes, distributors, and inlets.

Originally developed in Germany, Liqui Moly 2007 was not only designed for use with cars and watercraft but is also used on airplanes. This product even improves your chances of passing an emissions and smog inspection thanks to its environmentally friendly ingredients. Cleaning and restoring functionality of your vehicle, the Liqui Moly 2007 fuel injector cleaner also protects seals thanks to its non-abrasive ingredients. As a newer, advanced technology this fuel cleaning product has self-lubricating ingredients. This means it not only improves and cleans fuel injectors but also works independently to ensure lubricity of your fuel lines and engine.

Although this product is not diesel fuel compatible, Liqui Moly does produce diesel friendly versions of this product; the Liqui Moly 2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush being a perfect example. The Liqui Moly 2007 fuel injector cleaner has also been designed to effectively clean vehicles that rely on a catalytic converter.

If your vehicle has been sitting for a while or is regularly operated and stored in a cold climate then the Liqui Moly 2007 fuel injector cleaner is the best product for you. This product is designed to consistently move with fluidity and precision so that even your fuel inlets and distributors are treated.

Fuel injector cleaning agents such as the Liqui Molly 2007 are designed by a trusted manufacturer that is also responsible for treating jet fuel. This is thanks to its MoS2 (or Molybdenum disulfide) ingredient. MoS2 is designed with the same lab-created synthetic metals that are used for manufacturing bullets and Kevlar vests, so you know it is durable and will withstand extreme temperatures.

3. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment: Premium Ingredients and Affordable

The Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is an optimal selection, giving you quality performance and ingredients at an affordable price. The Sea Foam SF-16 fuel injector cleaner is an all-around, fuel-flexible product made with trusted ingredients. Because the Sea Foam SF-16 is made with oil based solvents it also lubricates while cleaning. This helps to prevent varnish and carbon deposits on your pistons, cylinders, and carburetor. Not every fuel injector cleaner is powerful and trusted enough to reach these fuel injector components, and it’s advanced technology lubricity really strengthen the product.

Pale oil and naphtha are also used in this fuel injector cleaner, making it a very competitive and comparable product to more premium brands and fuel injector cleaners which use organic and synthetic ingredients. The Sea Foam SF-16 is also great for vehicles with higher mileage (as much as 200K or more) and has a positive reputation for being both flexible and simple to use.

Thanks to the "long neck" design this product can be easily poured into your fuel tank or engine without worry. Customers that have SUV’s or trucks will benefit greatly from the Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment because it’s designed to improve both strength and throttle response. These qualities are especially important when pulling a heavy load, or operating a heavier, larger vehicle. This means that with added strength you can worry less about getting stranded in tough weather environments, as it’s made to withstand both extreme heat and cold.

Because the Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment only requires application every 5,000 miles or as-needed it is desirable to consumers as it’s made more affordable. This fuel injector cleaner by Sea Foam is popular among trusted mechanics as well, and that says a lot. 

4. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment: Top Product for Diesel Vehicle

The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment product is rated as one of the most popular and effective diesel fuel injector cleaners on the market. The synthetic oils used to make the Lucas 10013 cleaning product clean and condition your fuel injectors and engine at the same time. This product is unique in that it’s meant to treat both foreign and domestic cars. So whether you have a Honda Civic or a new Mercedes Benz this product remains both safe and effective.

Lucas as a brand is recognized for it’s various, effective, and well-reputed products ranging from oil conditioners to transmission fluid treatment. Its products are well known to improve both performance and restore functionality of your vehicles many critical parts. If you are regularly starting up your vehicle in extremely cold weather this is an optimal product - especially those with a diesel vehicle. The fluidity of ingredients used in this fuel treatment makes it both neutral while effective at removing and expelling hard to reach carbon deposit buildup, debris, moisture, and varnish.

The Lucas 10013 Fuel Injector Cleaner was designed to safely balance the methanol and diesel in your vehicle or regular fuel. It is critical that methanol is maintained at a certain ratio regardless of vehicle type. This ensures not only functionality but also the safety and integrity of your fuel and engine system. While methanol is impossible to keep out of diesel fuel, balancing it accordingly with your fuel can mean the difference between required maintenance, repairs, or even engine replacement. Such an imbalance can also negatively impact combustion which in turn leads to poor fuel economy, throttle response, acceleration, and even inaccurate RPM or bad sensors. Relying on a trusted, proven product such as the Lucas 10013 Fuel Injector Cleaner will undoubtedly save you thousands of dollars. In comparison to competing for products, the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment sets the bar high for expectations of fuel injector cleaning agents.

5. BG44k Fuel Injector Cleaner: Top Fuel injector Cleaner for Higher Mileage Vehicles

The BG44k fuel injector cleaner is one of the most popular products on the market for treating, restoring, and preventing dangerous chemical and carbon buildup in high-mileage vehicles.

If your vehicle has a lot of miles and you’re experiencing hesitation in acceleration, trembling, or stalling it’s likely your engine could be suffering from fuel injectors that are “stuck open”. This is normal and often occurs over time either due to excessive driving, poor climate conditions, or poor maintenance habits. It’s likely that dirt, grime, carbon deposits and moisture built up over time have clogged your fuel injectors and are negatively impacting your engine performance and its ability to function. The BG brand has a strong reputation for engine cleaning and performance restoring products. Because the BF44k fuel injector cleaner is made with alcohol-free ingredients, it is up to 5 times more likely to flush unwanted methanol, carbon deposits, and build-up from your fuel injectors and engine. This is especially valuable since high mileage vehicles typically have the most substantial varnish, dirt, and moisture buildup.

Using flash naphtha technology, BG44k is guaranteed to bond and deteriorate while carrying harmful dirt, varnish, and carbon buildup through your fuel injectors and out through your exhaust. The BG44k product is popular because it’s only necessary to use this product every few thousand miles – or “as needed”. Because of this, vehicle owners experience greater improvement in their vehicles performance sooner and do not have to worry about spending large amounts of money on fuel injector cleaners, expensive repairs, or parts replacement.

From increased throttle response to enhanced RPM efficiency, the BG44k Fuel Injector Cleaner is universally trusted among both regular and diesel fuel vehicles. It’s also used for high-performance vehicles and 18-wheelers. Because this fuel injector cleaner is catalytic converter and o2 sensor friendly it brings consumers extra comfort and fewer headaches when used properly.

As an added bonus, the BG44k fuel injector cleaner is designed with a microbial conditioning design that guarantees an improvement of smell that will emit from your engine and make your driving experience more pleasant. This product is both safe and effective at removing tough varnish, carbon deposits, and other muck or grime lodged in your fuel system. Going with a product that will be the strongest while still gentle on your fuel injectors is the most practical solution for addressing performance troubles and preventing problems in the future.

6. Red Line (60103) SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner: A maintenance friendly solution

The Red Line SI-I Fuel system cleaner is a maintenance-friendly synthetic solution to cleaning fuel your fuel injectors, carburetors, fuel pump, and engine. This is a unique product in that it’s designed for various types of vehicles, including turbo, and is a trusted fuel system cleaner that is used on professional race cars. Although you personally may not own a professional racecar this does go to show that Red Line products are designed to maximize cleaning, preventative care, and withstand extreme conditions. This is practical and profitable for you as a vehicle owner, especially if you’re driving your car regularly, long distance aggressively hitting high RPM’s, or live in extreme climates. Also, the power delivered by this synthetic fuel system cleaner

The Red Line SI-1 uses a unique, synthetic upper cylinder lubricant that is especially useful in cars that have been sitting for a long time. Often, carbon buildup, debris, and dirt accumulate if a vehicle is not started regularly and has the opportunity to cycle through its fluids. Many customers have reported that the Red Line SI-1 thanks to its high PEA content restores fuel gauge functionality, which is a nice added bonus not seen with other fuel cleaning products. A product like Red Line SI-1 is one of very few that has been proven to reduce octane between 1 and 2 points, which means savings for you. In the short and long run, this is equivalent to your engine and fuel system changing to require less octane and a decreased need for fuel and power.

This fuel system cleaner also has a special quality to it by being specifically designed to remove and expel water or moisture buildup, and even antifreeze that may have accumulated over time in your fuel lines, pump, or even engine. Additionally, out of all the products mentioned here, it also has the added factor of being maintenance-friendly whether you decide to use this fuel system cleaner before or after your next oil change.

Overall this is a great product and undoubtedly different than the others mentioned here along with its very specific benefits and qualities.

7. Berryman 0116 B-12 Chemtool Fuel Treatment Cleaner: A More Thorough Cleaning

The Berryman B-12 Chemtool Fuel Treatment Cleaner is our top pick for providing the most extensive cleaning. Thanks to Berryman’s synthetic lubricant ingredients this cleaner is effective on both vehicles old and new. In fact, this fuel system cleaner is so flexible that it’s even used in motorcycles all the way to snowmobiles.

The Berryman B-12 Fuel Treatment has a lot of cleansing and prevention power, and in turn, provides a stronger engine. This product has also been proven to dramatically improve engine longevity, which is not so common in comparison to other leading fuel system cleaning products.

Much like the Red Line SI-1 Fuel System cleaner the Berryman B-12 Fuel Treatment is also very effective at lowering engine temperature and providing a cooling effect. This not only protects your engine but also your fuel system and other critical parts from overheating or wearing faster than they’re designed to.

The Berryman B-12 Fuel Treatment has also been proven and reported by customers to be useful in applying after you change your fuel filter and oil. While using it beforehand can help expel unwanted dirt, carbon buildup, and varnish this could also lead to clogging. This fuel cleaning product undoubtedly provides a more extensive cleaning as it can be directly applied and helpful at cleaning your spark plugs, intake ports, and even the inside of your crankcase – all integral parts of your engine and fuel system.

Which Fuel Injector Cleaner is best for you?

If you have a diesel fuel vehicle and are looking to restore power, then there’s no doubt that the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment is a great fit. Thanks to advanced, natural, and non-abrasive technology it is designed to satisfy your vehicle’s needs, improve conditions of your fuel system, and in turn your engine performance. This provides savings both in the short and long term while restoring functionality of your diesel vehicle to what it once was. We appreciate how much stress and use a diesel vehicle likely goes through on a regular basis and because of this have selected a product that no only makes the most sense, but also one with a strong reputation. The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment has received very positive feedback and is a scientifically proven neutral, synthetic and diesel friendly fluid that will expel varnish and carbon deposits. Even better, this product can be used on both foreign and domestic cars.

If you’re on a tight budget the Sea Foam SF-16 fuel injector cleaner and the Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injector Cleaner are both great options. They can be used with vehicles exposed to regularly cold environments, those experiencing hard start-ups, and even those which have sat unused for a long time. These products are both affordable and trusted - including by the government of Germany. Should you be seeking a more flexible, supportive product that can be used either before or after your next oil and filter change then the Red Line SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner may be the perfect product for you. It has supportive and effective ingredients to clean and rejuvenate the condition of your upper cylinders as well. This is critical to the operation of your fuel system in tangent with your engine.

If you want to get the most out of your money and have a flexible budget then Chevron’s Techron fuel injector cleaner makes perfect sense. Chevron originally began development as a multinational energy corporation back in the late 1800’s. Chevron has a history of and continues to use Techron additives in its fuel. Using Chevron’s 65740 Techron Fuel injector Cleaner and still filling up at their local gas stations does not put your vehicle in any danger. If anything, it will likely increase performance and upkeep of your fuel injector, system, and engine. For those seeking a fuel system cleaner that is ideal for the most thorough cleaning possible and one that can be physically applied to different parts of the engine manifold the Berryman B-12 Chemtool is the ideal solution.

If you’re still uncertain, consider further evaluating each of these products side-by-side, and don’t be afraid to consider or compare similar products by the same brands.

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