Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner Review

  • Written by: William Copper

If you’re tired of buying glass cleaners that simply don’t work, leave streaks behind, or make your windows look worse than when you started, then look no further.

Invisible Glass makes a premium glass cleaning product that will not leave swirls or unwanted residue behind, yet at the same time as customers describe it, literally will leave your glass looking “invisible”, or fresh off the assembly line. The Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner is made with non-harmful, non-abrasive chemicals, and guaranteed to leave you satisfied. You’ll also find that it can be used on any glass window, surface, or furniture around your home and even in your car.

Premium Ingredients: Why it’s Different

This glass cleaning product is different from most competing products, as the manufacturer has developed it with effective ingredients that do not include artificial dyes, foam, or any scents that can lead to poor results, or unwanted discoloration. After all, if you’re cleaning glass naturally you want it to look “invisible” as possible when finished.

The Invisible Glass Cleaner will also not leave streaking or smearing behind, which is a huge plus, and thanks to its ingredients it has also been reported by customers to leave a simple, unnoticeable oil residue behind that will actually repel raindrops and other dirt from re-smearing or make its way back to your clean glass window or windshield.

Not only great for glass, but if you also have crystal furniture or decorations at home, and want to clean them this product will literally make it look brand-new. Car owners report that this glass cleaner is so precise, that any “micro ditches” accumulated in your windshield over time from rocks on the road will become visible – likely unnoticed before. This is an added value because it also helps you properly maintain your glass windows, and safety while driving.

Instructions on cover:

Easy and Effective Use: Why the Invisible Glass Cleaner?

Using an effective, trusted and well-reputed glass cleaner that will dramatically clean, refreshes, and renews glass is not only great for at-home furniture or windows but also windshields. In fact, customers of the Invisible Glass Cleaner have stated that in using this product on their car windshields, that they have approved their line-of-sight by hundreds of feet, which can both improve the driving experience, as well as safety. Many people, believe it or not, do not actually remember, or know how clean their glass or windshield can truly be, as it’s often been too long since they’ve given it a thorough cleaning. Also, because many other glass cleaners available on the market leave your glass worse off than when you started, or other residues and blurriness behind that deprive you of total visibility – or “invisibility”.

The Invisible Glass Cleaner is also great for removing bird or other animal feces from your windshield (or window), tree sap, and other common, sticky fluids, dirt, and grime that accumulate on your windows or windshield over time. This, of course, no less applies to homeowners of outdoor glass or even crystal furniture. When using this glass cleaner you’re able to enjoy haze-free results, and customers have reported this to be a product often shared by or passed around in their families – and even a great gift to purchase someone.

Customers hail the Invisible Glass Cleaner as a product that is unmatched and will leave your glass, windows, or windshield so invisible that you hardly even realize it’s there – without touching it. Many customers, especially vehicle owners have tried time and time again window cleaners made with strong ingredients such as ammonia, or alcohol-based solvents, and in some instances require a professional buffing or cleaning for the negative, unwanted results that these products leave behind.

If you’re looking for the best results when using this product, fellow customers, and vehicle owners alike have found this video tutorial quite helpful and informative:

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The Invisible Glass Premium Cleaner is both unique, and competitive with other glass cleaners for automobile owners, as it’s also safe and effective on tinted windows.
  • Customers have found that this glass cleaning product lasts longer than other competing products, thanks to its reduced amount of potent and harmful chemicals that might use seemingly effective ingredients to get the job initially, but leave no sealant to protect your glass and windows from future stains.
  • The Invisible Glass Cleaner is a popular glass cleaning product because it has such extensive multi-use, and many glass cleaners are not recommended for, trusted, or as equally effective on both glass and crystal in their homes or on their vehicles. As an added bonus, vehicle owners have also reported that in using the Invisible Glass Cleaner that there are no squeaking sounds from your windshield wipers post-application - and that it dries rather quickly and efficiently. 
  • Few customers have reported experiencing smudging, swirling, or worsening of glass condition when using this product with paper towels. This is why it is important to use a microfiber cloth, as most paper towels are made with unsafe chemicals or even lotions in them.
  • In some instances, customers will not experience positive results if other harmful chemicals have already been used on the glass. In this case, multiple applications of the invisible glass cleaner might be necessary.
  • If you have used other cleaners, or more importantly not properly “prepped” the glass surface due to other chemicals, dirt, or mold build up, then unwanted chemical reactions may occur during or post-application.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Editor Rating 4.5/5

The Invisible Glass Premium Glass Cleaner is the ultimate multipurpose glass surface cleaner that is effective on both windows and glass in your home, as well as your vehicle. It’s also great for crystal, and even a trusted product for use on eyewear.

Customers choose this glass cleaning product because it doesn’t use any artificial coloring or harmful chemicals to your windows that might leave marks, streaking, or other problems behind after application. Because of all the qualities and flexibility with application this glass cleaner has, we’re confident in giving it a near perfect score. In comparison to other major competing window cleaning products, customers have reported a more positive, consistent experience with this glass cleaner. Consumers have also stated that this is an environmentally-friendly product, as it is nearly completely (other than the plastic trigger) recyclable.

Buy or not to buy? If you’ve used glass cleaners in the past, and have not had positive, or the results that you were expecting, then giving the Invisible Glass Cleaner a shot is definitely worth the effort. And because it does not use artificial dyes, foam, or scents the results are more consistent, and make this an increasingly trusted and popular all-purpose glass cleaner.

The Invisible Glass Cleaner really sets itself apart from a lot of other glass cleaning products because it doesn’t attempt to mislead customers or “overhype” its product. It has proven results, and customers continue to return to buy more, and even give this glass cleaner as a gift. A glass cleaner trusted on such various glass surfaces says a lot about the product itself, and we are therefore comfortable recommending it to you as well.