Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment Review

  • Written by: William Copper

Lucas fuel treatment products are notorious for their synthetic blends and safe ingredients. Lucas is a trusted and respected manufacturer of fuel system cleaning, oil conditioners, and even transmission conditioning products Lucas is a very flexible company that has scientifically proven fuel system cleaning products. The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment product belongs to a category of fuels injector cleaners – read HERE to learn more about how they generally work. 

Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment: Designed with Diesel in Mind

Since 2006, the U.S. government EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has applied dramatic changes in regular and diesel fuel standards for oil companies. Transitioning from Low Sulfur Diesel to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) was one of these major changes. This change was meant to reduce pollution from diesel vehicles, in particular, work trucks, 18-wheelers, and other major industrial vehicles. Those with diesel vehicles can especially benefit from the alcohol, solvent, and kerosene free ingredients that both maximize efficient cleaning of fuel injectors and increases the likelihood of passing emissions and smog inspection.

These EPA changes were meant to improve diesel fuels interactions with the environment but unfortunately led to many difficulties with diesel fuel vehicles. The use and regulation of Low Sulfur Diesel to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) substantially increased sulfur deposits, which negatively impact the entire fuel system. The necessity to develop and rely on products such as the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment have become more apparent since these changes.

Lucas 10013 composition / ingredients

This table of ingredients is based on MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets.

Ingredient name %

Distillates (petroleum), hydrotreated heavy paraffinic

60- 100


Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment: Understand Cold-Starts and Methanol Build-Up

There are actually very few ways in which an engine becomes worn and destroyed over time. In fact, cold-starts along with poor fuel and oil treatment are the currently leading causes.

When you start up your vehicle in cold weather you put undue stress on it by accelerating hard or running it before it has the chance to warm up completely and deliver the necessary fuel to your engine. This is because your engine relies on the fluidity and availability of necessary fuel and oil to function at it’s best. It’s, therefore, understandable why those that hop onto the expressway just moments after starting their vehicle up in cold weather experience wear and tear, or engine troubles. The various Lucas fuel system cleaners, oil treatments, and engine conditioners available today are primed and designed to meet the demands and complications of cold-startups and methanol build-up in your engine. Methanol build-up is a naturally occurring process in your vehicle that occurs due to using fuel at the pump that is mixed with this, and other harmful chemicals.

The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment is designed to (safely) condition and expel these harmful ingredients (sulfur), carbon buildups, and varnish throughout your fuel system. While your vehicle regularly works to expel these harmful chemicals through the exhaust system, the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment aids in doing so at a faster pace, supporting the functionality of your fuel system and engine in the long-run.

Real Review from YT Channel: Project Cummins

The Lucas 10013, 10003, and Lucas 10020 Fuel Cleaner & Stabilizers

The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment is a great product to start with if you’re looking to clean and restore functionality of your fuel injectors, carburetors, pistons, and engine. By burning exhaust emissions and other harmful chemicals desired results can be experienced with the Lucas 10013 product in as little as one to two applications.

If you are looking for a more thorough and specific cleaning of your vehicles valves, injectors, rings, and cylinders then a product like the Lucas 10020 Fuel Treatment is also a great alternative cleaning solution. Also made with synthetic, non-harmful ingredients the Lucas 10020 provides an all-around solution for restoring functionality and condition of your injectors which are directly connected to engine performance.

If poor fuel economy (MPG) is a problem you’re having with your vehicle, then the Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner is a scientifically proven product to improve such. Much like the 10013 Fuel Treatment product, the Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubricant is specifically designed to expel harmful varnish and sulfur build-up. It is also designed to address carbon and moisture build-ups that directly impact your fuel injectors and in turn fuel efficiency.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment is designed to treat up to 16 gallons or more, depending on the size of fuel tank. Because this is a conveniently large, 1-gallon treatment and each treatment only required 6 ounces per tank, you really get the most out of this product.
  • The Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment is effective at removing and preventing sulfur deposits and harmful moisture or carbon build-ups that clog and prevent the necessary function of your fuel injectors and engine.
  • Vehicles with larger fuel tanks or those that use gas inefficiently due to fuel injector clogging may not benefit from this product after a few or even several applications. This is because your vehicles fuel system has so many moving parts and it may be required to have the injectors, pistons, carburetors, or fuel tank professionally cleaned or even replaced.
  • If your vehicle has too much moisture, carbon deposits, or sulfur build-up it may be required to use a more powerful or specialized treatment. An effective alternative solution could be the Lucas 10020 Fuel Treatment product, which specializes in both lubricating and cleaning major fuel system components such as fuel valves, pumps, injectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this product contain PEA and if so how much?

If my vehicle has been sitting for a year or more can I use this product?

I drive a 2016 is this product designed for a low mileage or new car?

Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment: Consumer Ratings

This is an all-around optimal product for increasing fuel efficiency, restoring engine smoothness, functionality and has even been proven to cool engine temperatures which can prolong life. Customers find this product especially helpful, effective, and has introduced them to the various other Lucas conditioners, cleaning, and performance enhancement products available on the market. Lucas products have been popular for several years now, and also have effective engine and transmission oil conditioning products available.

Buy or not to buy ? Because today’s diesel and regular fuels have mixed high ratings of ethanol the continued dilemma of sulfur build-up, fuel injector clogging, and engine wear remain prevalent.  Because not every diesel fuel vehicle owner can afford specialized Biocide (anti-microbes) treatment to prevent sulfur build-up, it’s both practical and profitable to instead use a product like the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment. The Lucas 10013 Fuel Injector Cleaner helps to balance methanol and diesel so that your vehicle functions properly and safely.

Customers and scientific experts have used and demonstrated that the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment not only saves you money on increased fuel but also removes and prevents fuel injector and engine deposits. In most cases this type of damage can easily cost you thousands of dollars. So if you’re serious about vehicle maintenance and seeking an accompanying product to both clean and enhance performance, the Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment is the way to go.