Chemical Guys MIC_493 Chenille Microfiber Premium Scratch-Free Wash Mitt Review

  • Written by: Amanda Myers

Chemical Guys has a great line of reliable, high-quality products and their wash mitt is no different.

I know most of us are contented in using ordinary cloth or old towels that we find at home. But to be honest, you deserve better. Some of you may not know yet but the car care industry has a lot to offer to car owners. They offer a variety of tools and products that can help you take care of your car, maintain and improve its overall look.

You may not believe it but a simple wash mitt can change your whole car washing experience. The good news is that it is cheap. Wash mitts for cars doesn't have to be expensive. It's worth it to try it and not settle on ordinary cloth in washing your car.

Using microfiber wash mitts for car wash is becoming popular to car detailers. Let's take a look at what makes this kind of material special.

Available in 3 colors: Black, Blue and Lime Green

What makes it special

The Chemical Guys microfiber wash mitt is composed of high-quality, thick, fluffy 70-30 blended plush microfiber caterpillar or some call it noodle strands are woven into a big flat plump.

Big size - Big size makes a big cleaning power. It is 12 inches long by 8 inches wide so cleans a large area of your car with one pass. Because of this, you don't need several trips back to the wash bucket to continue cleaning your car.

Long and soft microfiber noodles - Acts like a magnet that lifts and traps dirt away from the car surface deep within the mitt. Because of this, the mitt cleans off abrasive dirt, grit, grime, filth, brake dust, industrial contaminants, pollution, bird or insect residue effectively without scratching your car surface. It is definitely non-abrasive to paint, finishes, glass, metal, plastic and more.

Extra absorbent - The strands are so very absorbent and chubby, it loads so much soapy water. You can tell by how heavy it becomes when you rinse it with water. Because of this, the mitt does not easily dry and carries so much suds it becomes foamy and slick which also helps to avoid scratches.

Easy to wash - You can easily wash the mitt with a detergent using a machine wash, hose or hand wash. Then hang it to dry.

Watch the Chemical Guys Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt In Action

How to use:

  1. Use the two-bucket method: one bucket for soapy water and one bucket for rinsing water.
  2. Rinse your car and wash with the mitt in a straight line and from top to bottom.
  3. After cleaning an area, dip mitt in plain water to loosen dirt and wring it out on the ground.
  4. Return to soap bucket to continue washing and repeat steps 2-3 until finished washing the car.
  5. Rinse away the soap and dirt. Then, dry with microfiber towels.


Pre-wash the mitts with hot water to eliminate any loose fibers from production before using.

Use a grit guard during a car wash to rub off dirt from wash mitt.

Machine, hose off or hand wash the mitt with microfiber wash and hot water after use. Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Machine dry on low heat or hang dry.

Be careful of cheap, imitation o fraudulent copies of this product.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Doesn't fall off easily because of the wrist cuff
  • Big cleaning power because of big size
  • Very absorbent of soapy water
  • Extra soft so it reduces friction on car surface
  • Has enough abrasion to remove contaminants
  • Bright green color allows you to see dirt clearly
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used on other vehicles like motorbikes
  • Cuff is made of abrasive material
  • Hands is going to feel drenched inside
  • Gets heavy with water

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Editor Rating: 4.9/5

This is by far the best microfiber wash mitt I've come across. Chemical Guys is such a reliable company, they always create great products. The only thing that keeps me from giving a 5 of 5-star rating is that it becomes heavy when wet which I understand totally but it becomes quite hard especially for some people with small hands, for women or for kids who likes to help in washing the car. It is a small thing but I could use a much more convenient, less heavy wash mitt, I guess.

Buy or not buy: If you need a wash mitt, buy this. Buy a microfiber towel, cloth or mitt for your car. It helps you clean your car safely without scratching it and makes the car wash experience better and much more enjoyable as it can remove dirt easily and can get really foamy. For those of you who have been using ordinary towel or cloth, I highly recommend trying out this product made specifically for car surfaces. Try it, it is cheap.