Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner Review

  • Written by: William Copper

Not every product on the market has received televised, global recognition for its quality automobile cleaning products. However, when it comes to Chevron’s 65740 Techron Fuel System Cleaner this is exactly the type of popularity and recognition it’s received. The Chevron 65740 belongs to a category of fuel injector cleaners – click here to learn more about how they work.

Chevron’s Techron products have a strong reputation and direct relationship to BMW, originally being designed to meet the fuel injection system demands of premium, imported vehicles. Chevron is also an American multinational energy corporation and Standard Oil company, so it has advanced experience and knowledge of fuel distribution and system cleaning products.

Chevron’s Techron products use Advanced Technology

Chevron’s 65740 Techron Fuel System Cleaner detergent is unique and competitive, as it relies on the main chemical ingredient PEA (polyether amine) which is a natural, nonabrasive substance. In comparison to other major fuel injector cleaners available on the market, this is a primal choice as many fuel injector cleaning systems rely on PBA (polybutene amine). While this may be effective for 2-stroke and diesel engines it does not deliver the same amount of benefits.

The application of PBA can also cause negative combustion chamber deposits and damage your engine or fuel injection system. PEA-based products like the Chevron’s Techron’s Fuel Injector Cleaner, however, provides the added benefits of not only improving cold-startups but also preventing combustion chamber deposit build-ups – often responsible for ‘spark knock’.

It may be worthwhile to consider a less concentrated product such as the Chevron 10055 Pro-Gard Fuel Injection Cleaner if you’re concerned with fuel system (gas line) freezing and are using your vehicle in a colder environment.

Chevron Techron Concentrate PLUS composition / ingredients

This table of ingredients is based on MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets.

Ingredient name %

Distillates, hydrotreated light

< 55 %
Stoddard solvent < 35 %
Solvent naphtha, light aromatic 3 - 7 %
Benzene, 1,2,4-trimethyl- 1 - 5 %
Xylene 0.1 - 0.5 %


Chevron’s Techron Products are Fuel Friendly

Chevron has a lengthy history and reputation that it’s earned with its consumers and professionals alike due to its quality ingredients and experience in vehicle fuel products.

The Chevron Techron 65740 product relies on one of Chevron’s main fuel additives found in gasoline from Chevron gas stations which increase the lifespan of your engine and fuel injectors.

All of Chevron’s Techron products come with a buyers-guarantee, which really sets it apart from the competition. The competition has attempted to make similar products but most have refused to invest in using the trusted PEA ingredients while sticking to PBA instead to save costs. The Chevron Techron products are comparably priced to other leading fuel injection system cleaning products but offer much more bang for your buck and a quality that cannot be matched.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The Chevron Techron 65740 improves engine performance through its cleaning agents and increases your vehicle’s ability to accelerate with more power, idle properly, and remove common false-positive engine or fuel sensors.
  • Chevron’s Techron 65740 product has been proven to remove unwanted and harmful build-up from the fuel injection system directly, including lines, pumps, and the intake manifold. If there ever is a bad batch of (sulfur) fuel at the pump and you put it into your vehicle your fuel pump can become permanently damaged and require repair or replacement. But, when you regularly use products like the Techron 65740 you not only treat and rejuvenate the condition of your fuel and engine system but also prevent and protect against possible harmful scenarios such as this.
  • Chevron’s Techron 65740 fuel injector cleaner is effective at cleaning and restoring combustion chambers, intake valves and fuel injectors to like-new condition and increases operational consistency. It can even be used with flex fuel such as E85.
  • The Techron 65740 fuel injector cleaner is designed for convenience, using a “long-neck” bottle to directly pour the product into your fuel tank.
  • Some customers have reported that the Chevron Techron 65740 has decreased their fuel efficiency (MPG rating). This is likely attributed to the fact that deposits that have formed in the combustion chamber over time (such as sulfur, dirt, or moisture) have negatively impacted the compression ratio of the engine. This part of your fuel system is responsible for gauging octane requirements, and in turn, dictates fuel efficiency. When regular vehicle maintenance is neglected over time, piston rings, rod bearings, and even the head gasket can be damaged and require professional repair. Moisture accumulation, debris, and sulfur can also lead to your vehicles computer telling the system to retard spark timing and in turn, will increase fuel consumption as well as emissions.
  • Chevron’s Techron 65740 cannot guarantee to cleanse, remove moisture build-up, and debris if you do not regularly use this product between every 1,000-3,000 miles.
  • The Techron 65740 Plus Fuel injector cleaner is not recommended for 2-stroke engines or diesel vehicles. All other vehicles, including home maintenance vehicles and watercraft, however, will benefit from the use of this product.
  • The cap for this product can be difficult to remove. But doing so only requires pushing down and turning the lid counter-clockwise to be opened – much like “child locks” applied to medicine bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the foil on the cap so difficult to remove and how can I do it safely?

I have applied three applications over the past few weeks and still have not noticed any drive or fuel injection performance improvements. Why?

Consumer Ratings

This fuel system cleaner has received very positive feedback from consumers. In addition to regular, scheduled maintenance the use of this product cleans both small and major components of your fuel system including intake valves, injectors, and carburetors. The use of advanced ingredients such as PEA (polyether amines) increases the overall effectiveness of this fuel system cleaner in comparison to other competing products.

Buy or not to buy ? This fuel system cleaner product comes with both a buyers-guarantee, as well as the peace of mind that ingredient concentration levels are appropriate and not diluted like many competitor products on the market. Assuming you do not have a 2-stroke engine or diesel vehicle, the Chevron 65740 and similar products can offer you immediate, positive results. These include engine and fuel injection improvement, as well as removal of a common (false-positive) engine or fuel system sensor. This product has many uses, and can even be used on dirt bikes, ATVs, boats, and other watercraft. Chevron created Techron products and was the first to develop and popularize the usage of previously most effective PEA or polyether amines.

From improving cold-starts to reducing engine surges, the Chevron 65740 offers a solution to not only cleaning your vehicles fuel injectors but also prevention of common performance troubles later on. Not all fuel system cleaners offer a product designed to reduce spark plug fouling, nor the cleansing and expulsion of harmful sulfur build-up. So if you take your vehicles maintenance and condition seriously then this is likely the best product for you.