Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment Review

  • Written by: William Copper

The Sea Form SF-16 Motor Treatment is designed for cars that run on regular gasoline, diesel, 2-stroke, and 4-stroke engines. The Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment product belongs to a category of fuels injector cleaners – read to learn more about how they work.

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is unique in that it uses a natural, oil-based solvent serving as both a lubricant and cleaner for your engine and major components such as cylinders, pistons, and carburetor. 

Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is very effective for high mileage vehicles

There are many Sea Foam fuel system and injector cleaning products available on the market. Some of these products are specifically targeted at improving power (acceleration) loss, hard starting, and improving the life of your engine. Others are designed to solve more specific issues, such as pings or flat spots in your engine like the Sea Foam SF14 Cleaner and Lube. Some of these Sea Foam products are more effective than others, such as clearing unwanted censors and helping you pass your vehicle emissions and inspection.

Because the Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment is made with natural ingredients like pale oil and naphtha you do not have to worry about over-lubrication or harmful agents impacting your engine. These ingredients are nonabrasive and are therefore especially effective when used with older engines or high mileage vehicles. The design of the Sea Foam SF-16 promotes a smooth removal of carbon build up and deposits throughout your fuel injection system and engine manifolds, crank box, and cylinders. The Sea Foam SF-16 product is also very effective for use with home-maintenance vehicles such as lawnmowers, tractors, and even snow blowers. If they use regular or diesel fuel then it’s likely there’s a perfect Sea Foam motor treatment available.

Sea Foam SF16 composition / ingredients

This table of ingredients is based on MSDS - Material Safety Data Sheets.

Ingredient name %

Hydrocarbon blend

< 95 %
Isopropanol < 25 %


Selecting the Best Sea Foam Motor Treatment: SF-16 Vs. Others

In comparison to the Seam Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment product, the Sea Foam SF128 Motor Treatment product is made solely with petroleum-based ingredients. The SF-16 Motor Treatment product, on the other hand, is created with additional, natural and effective ingredients like pale oil and naphtha. The SF-16 is also flexible in that it allows pouring into various entry points throughout your engine and fuel system.

The SF-128 motor treatment, on the other hand, stabilizes your vehicles fuel and storage up to two years by fighting off evaporation. Those who live in colder climates and rely on consistent power from their vehicle to haul heavy loads will likely benefit more from the SF-128 product as opposed to the SF-16. This is because the SF-128 also de-ices and removes moisture from your engine. It also preserves much-needed ignition vapors, in turn maximizing the cleanliness of your cylinder lubricity, engine, and pistons. In comparison, while also effective the Seam Foam SF-16 cleaning product is designed to be applied approximately every 5,000 miles. Those who live in colder climates and rely on consistent power from their vehicle to haul heavy loads will likely benefit more from the SF-128 product as opposed to the SF-16.

With the SF-128 product, your haul could be 40,000LBS or more and it will still dramatically improve both your acceleration – especially on inclines – while also supporting higher fuel economy. It’s also worth noting that the SF-16 is a pourable liquid that works best when put into the vacuum line for processing, and the SF-128 is designed in a similar way for pouring. The Sea Foam SS-14, however, is meant to be sprayed directly into the carburetor or throttle body.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The SF-16 Motor Treatment is very effective as a fuel system cleaner, and often dramatically improves acceleration and engine performance by cleaning moisture build-up and dirt in your fuel system over time.
  • Both low and high-mileage vehicles can experience great improvements of pick-up and fuel economy through the regular application of the Sea Foam SF-16 motor treatment.
  • The Sea Foam SF-16 motor treatment can flush out dirt, moisture, and debris build-up replenishing the performance and condition of both your carburetor and nearby parts – such as pistons, cylinders, and fuel lines.
  • Not all consumers have reported improved idling when using the Sea Foam SF-16 product. However, this is not to exclude the reality that sometimes low or poor idling can be caused by a suction reduction problem and may require more extensive repairs or intervention.
  • If you still aren’t experiencing a smoother ride after multiple applications and following the directions of the SF-16 it may not be the solution to your pick-up or start-up problems. Sometimes, it is necessary to completely replace fuel injectors or spark plugs if you have waited too long to clean these critical parts or perform necessary “tune ups”.

Frequently Asked Questions

I applied the SF-16 product through the fuel tank but have not noticed any difference. Why?

I’ve experienced decreased idling performance or have not observed any positive results at all within my carburetor after using this product. Why?

Consumer Ratings

The Sea Foam SF-16 has received very positive feedback from consumers thanks to it’s proven ability to dramatically reduce many common engine troubles. Product is a great solution to vehicles with higher mileage and is used frequently on a regular basis.

Even at 200,000 miles or more, consumers have reported great improvement of smoothness in idling, acceleration, and an overall enhanced driving experience comparable to its original like-new condition. In order to maximize results, it’s recommended to change your fuel filter before applying this product, and to remain consistent with applications over time. Only using one or two treatments is just that, a temporary approach to improving your vehicle’s performance and engine startup.

Buy or not to buy ? Product like the SF-16 can be a great solution for poor acceleration, idling, and unwanted knocking or other noises emitting from your vehicle’s engine. While there are various Sea Foam motor treatment products available on the market, the SF-16 product is both affordable and effective.

It comes in a smaller (16 oz.) bottle, which allows you to test out the product, gauge the results, and then make a decision from there as to whether or not it’s what your vehicle has been needing. If you’ve tried other remedies for improving idling, acceleration, engine sensors, and decreased fuel efficiency without success then the Sea Foam SF-16 product may be a perfect fit for you.